Guardian Series Waste Receptacle Outdoor Trash Cans

SECURR’s Guardian Series trash bins and recycling containers are the most rust-resistant and durable products of their kind currently on the market. The company uses heavy-gauge galvannealed steel frames and UV-resistant powder-coated coverings. The products will last for several years, even in harsh weather conditions.

Guardian Series receptacles include interchangeable side panels that bolt in, so you can replace them easily. You can order replacement panels as needed, which is more affordable than having to purchase a new receptacle. The panels are available in a number of colors and sizes, including powder-coated steel, clear polycarbonate, solid stainless steel, stainless steel perforated, and custom laser-cut designs. The panels can be powder-coated, which are available in a different color than the bin’s frame and top for a stylish, two-toned look. Replaceable tops for the bins are available from Securr as well, and are fashioned in indoor and outdoor recycling styles.

Securr uses the only side-opening doors on the market, so that the container’s contents are removed from the side instead of the top, which prevent back injuries. Each bin also comes with a durable plastic rigid liner.

Each Guardian Series trash or recycling can is pleasing to the eye, yet manufactured using materials of the highest quality. These sleek yet practical products are suitable for any environment.

To order a Guardian Series bin, product # HS55OW-L-SS for $900, visit the Securr website at Bulk discounts and special GSA pricing is also available.