About Securr Trash Can Manufacturing

Securr is an auxiliary company, appertaining to Compumeric Engineering Inc. It is a business that has a rich tradition of evolution and growth. Its history includes producing lighting, assemblies for aircraft and precision components and contract manufacturing. However, throughout the years, their production was diversified and now they manufacture recycling and refuse containers. Securr Trash Cans produce high-quality trash cans and garbage bins. A standing example is the BearSaver, another Compumeric company that produces top notch animal-resistant recycling and refuse solutions. Securr is an organization with numerous years of expertise in the recycling and waste industry. Therefore, they know exactly what to do to meet the client’s requirements.

Introducing the Securr Trash Cans Manufacturing Process

The company is committed to innovation and design and this commitment has remained steady as the producing technologies have improved and the product lines have increased. The factory is located in Southern California, Ontario and features complete manufacturing capabilities and a large selection of disciplines. The specialists at Securr make use of the latest computer software for programming and design. Thus, they can immediately identify the interferences and problems and solve them. When the components are manufactured correctly, the lead time is reduced.

If you intend to purchase waste receptacles, recycling bins or trash cans manufactured by Securr, you should know that you have a large selection of colors, shapes, sizes and designs at your disposal. The recycling and trash containers manufactured and designed in California will help you save money and enjoy the best quality. A great thing about Securr is that it enables you to go directly to the factory to buy waste receptacles.

The company makes use of the most efficient CAD (Computer Aid Design) software so as to design the products. Afterwards, they are understood and translated by the CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines. Every new product is manufactured with great precision and efficiency. There is no doubt that the Securr products are qualitative and affordable. If you don’t know what to choose from the wide array of items, you can benefit from personal assistance. Additionally, you can check out the company’s website for all their trash cans. They offer outdoor recycling bins and trash cans, animal-proof trash cans, advertising waste bins, billboard recycling and trash receptacles, medical kiosks, collection cans, indoor waste receptacles, garbage carts and personalized waste receptacles.

Securr Trash Cans – A Complete Brand

Securr is responsible for the entire process, meaning that they sell, manufacture and engineer all their recycling receptacles and trash cans. Thus, if you have any problem or if you simply want to understand how the products are working, you can call on the customer service representatives. They will always have an answer for your question. In addition, you can call them and inform them about your special requests. They will be pleased to help you and design a personalized trash can for you.

If you want to know more about the manufacturing process of Securr products, feel free to check them out on their official website, trash-cans.com.