Animal Proof Trash Can by Securr Keeps Pests Out

Animal Proof Trash Cans and Recycle Bins Available

At one can see the full line of BearSaver products. These are waste bins and recycling containers that have been specifically designed to keep animals from rummaging through rubbish in search of food. Such an effort can bring them into unwanted encounters with people. It also is a threat to the animals as they will invariably consume items that are not a part of their natural diet. Such food can produce serious health problems in animals. It can also lead them to become dependent on garbage as a food source. They will cease foraging for food on their own and instead take to seeking out trash cans.

Such creatures can quickly become a nuisance. Animal control officers may have to be called in at great expense. The offending creatures may have to be relocated. In some cases, they will have to be destroyed. While this is unwelcome, the alternatives are even worse. Bears in particular are large and potentially dangerous animals. Encounters with humans can lead to disastrous results. Raccoons and other wild animals can also be a problem. While they may lack the size and power of bears, these creatures have sharp teeth and claws and often carry serious disease such as rabies.

The BearSaver product line has proven its worth by withstanding animal incursions in such wildlife sanctuaries as Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks. There once was a time when these sites had open air garbage dumps where bears were allowed to rummage through trash for food. Benches were even set up so that people could watch the bears forage for food in this manner. By the late 60’s, it was recognized that such tactics were bad for the bears. It was also leading the bears to raid camp sites for food. Eventually, the dumps were closed, and waste receptacles were ordered which the bears could not get into.

Products Keep Animals and People Safely Apart

The BearSaver line comes in an array of sizes and shapes to meet specific needs. Different kinds may be used for commercial and home use. Some Securr products are used to control rodents and insects while the BearSaver models are used in parks to keep animals such as bears from foraging through rubbish for food.

While campgrounds and parks are the largest users of bear resistant waste receptacles, they are also available for use by individual property owners. They are especially popular in rural locales where raccoons, bears, and other foraging creatures are persistent problems.

BearSaver receptacles offer a safe place to dispose of waste. They protect trash from animal intruders both indoors and outdoors. These robust bins keep animals out of your trash. These

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high quality products are available at low cost. Order them now and get the solution you need to keep your animal friends at bay. These receptacles will eliminate unwanted encounters with potentially dangerous animals. They will help protect your health as well as the health of the creatures that are attracted by the odor of garbage.