Animal Proof Trash Can Stop Coyotes Cold

Bears and wild animals such as coyotes for instance, can be a real problem in towns that are located near the woods or in national parks. Serious problems appear when the animals are attracted by smelly bins. The situation can become extremely serious if people get in the way. It’s not just dangerous and threatening, but it’s also messy because coyotes and bears will probably devastate the trash cans and spread junk everywhere.

Fortunately, there are excellent ideas to keep both the people and the environment safe. BearSaver trash cans are designed especially for the above mentioned situations. These bins were already used in parks such as Yellowstone and Sequoia and they proved to be quite efficient. The wild animals have stopped attacking the bins because they couldn’t smell food anymore. Consequently, such containers will also maintain an area clean and fresh for a longer period of time. It’s dreadful when national parks are attacked because they won’t attract tourists anymore.

The BearSaver line in available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and prints; thus, the people are free to opt for the type that best fits their requirements. Having a home near a mountainous region can be extremely dangerous. A trash can that’s animal proof can be easily used for commercial and personal purposes. In addition, the BearSaver Trash Bins have been particularly created to be used outdoor, or in public spaces, where the animals have easy access.

They use a system that prevents animals from smelling and reaching the garbage, allowing individuals to dispose their waste in peace and without feeling threatened by wild animals. Coyotes and bears are generally attracted by food and when an open trash bin is located in their area, they will certainly attack it. An animal proof trash can however, is sealed and the smell cannot get to the animals. Preventing the animals from getting close to trash cans can also protect the environment.  Since the BearSaver line consists of so many different products in various shapes, sizes and nuances, it can be easily integrated within a certain environment. If you live near the mountains, you can opt for a compact trash in a green color that can be easily mixed with the greenery of your home. Thus, you’ll live in a safe area without fearing that one day a giant bear will show up at your door.

The most popular BearSaver trash containers are Model HA-P and Model HA2-P. They have a capacity of 32, respectively 64 gallons, are made of rigid plastic and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Still, there are many others available meant to encourage people to throw their garbage in such a container whenever they happen to visit a national park. Certain models have the drawing on an animal on them to be more appealing to the people.

It’s compulsory to do our best to protect the environment. Wild animals like coyotes and bears must be left outside in national parks, but they must also be kept under control otherwise they might destroy their own habitat.