Animal Proof Trash Cans from Securr

Animal Proof Trash Cans

Public or state parks, playgrounds, campgrounds and private residences all have need for animal resistant trash cans. Whether it’s raccoons, rodents or even grizzly bears, anytime garbage is collected and stored outside it can be like a magnet for hungry critters of all sizes. Public spaces need to be safe for campers and visitors. Protecting children and loved ones is a number one priority for any family. Our furry friends may be lovable and cute at a distance, but letting them get close enough to get into any trash puts people in danger of disease or attack. That’s a safety risk that’s never worth taking. BearSaver technology and products from Securr offer security and peace of mind with animal proof garbage cans and enclosures. They offer a variety of product lines to suit any needs, both commercially or residentially.

Popular Animal Proof Trash Cans for Public Parks

Securr offers several product lines to suit any animal proofing needs that will also be aesthetically pleasing and customizable. The extensive line of BearSaver products are rugged, high quality animal-proof trash enclosures. These are designed and built for use in all types of outdoor settings. Resistant to harsh weather and even vandalism BearSaver cans and enclosures are built to last. All receptacles are easy to use with animal-proof top loading doors and separate service doors. The service doors are ergonomically beneficial on necks and lower backs by not requiring awkward stretching to lift bags or cans up and out of the container.

All BearSaver Enclosures are treated with a powder coat finish that is proof to

  • Humidity
  • Salt spray
  • Fog
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Abrasion
  • Chemicals

Available finish colors:

  • Black Texture
  • Fir Green Texture
  • Olive Green Texture
  • Sky Blue Texture
  • Forest Brown Texture

There are several design series lines to suit any need or tastes. Here are just a few of their superior products meant for outdoor public spaces.


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Animal Proof BE Series

The BE Series provides options for garbage, recycling and a combination of both. They are available in single or double trash or recycling containers or double trash/recycling combos.

Features for all BE Series cans include

  • Bear proof containers
  • Rodent and all animal resistant
  • Rear unloading door with swing out bag rack.
  • ADA Compliant
  • Custom laser cut graphics available for an extra charge.

These containers utilize bag racks that tilt out on a rigid frame. They are large capacity containers that use 70 gallon bags. Double or combo containers are 140 gallon capacity.


BearSaver Animal Proof CE Series

The CE Series of Animal Proof garbage enclosures features front loading chutes or tubes for convenience. The pull down chutes are user friendly and easy to open, even when hands are full. They are also ADA Compliant. CE Series are available in single or double trash or recycling containers and double combos. There is also a glass, plastic and aluminum triple recycling container available.

The CE Series utilizes 40 Gallon cans included with the purchase. The cans are accessible through a front service door.



The BearSaver Hid-A-Bag models are extremely popular for their attractive aesthetic, their versatility and ease of use. The unique angled design pleasing on the eye without getting in the way. The rigid frame tilt-out bag rack is emptied by a rear service door. When bags are heavy and full, they can be removed laterally to protect the back.
Hid-A-Bag animal proof cans are available in single or double cans for trash or recycling or combo models. They use 40″ x 50″ 70 gallon trash bags. Mini models are also available using 64 gallon standard trash bags.
Like all BearSaver models, the Hid-A-Bag keeps out bears, small animals, rats and rodents. img3A1


Securr and BearSaver are always working toward excellence in animal proofing for garbage cans. They have several options available to keep critters out of your trash and yards. Whether you have a persistent problem that requires heavy duty protection against the biggest bears, or you’re looking to preemptively keep out raccoons or rodents before they even discover your trash, BearSaver has an enclosure or can for you.

Residential Can Enclosures

BearSaver offers several varieties of enclosures that include 30 Gallon Rubbermaid cans. All residential enclosures are made with the same high-quality durability and animal proofing BearSaver has become known for. They are attractive and come in a variety of colors.


Animal Proof Trash Can Carts

BearSaver Poly Carts are wheeled garbage cans available in a variety of sizes and levels of protection to keep your refuse safe and secure in any environment. The unique push-to-close latching system (patent pending) is easy to use and is durable for years of dependable service. The push-to-close feature ensures you will never forget to latch your can or leave your garbage unprotected.