Benefits of Advertising on Trash Cans

For any business that is making a product or dispensing a service advertisement is inherently important. Through advertisement the company is able to get the products information out to the market. However advertisement is a dynamic and ever changing area, one that sees new media emerge while others go obsolete on a frequent basis.

One of these emerging mediums of advertisement is trash cans. This method is fast gaining popularity owing to its, inherent affordability and effectiveness. The benefits of trash cans as an advertising medium are discussed below.


In a world where advertisement takes close to forty percent of a typical company’s budget, a cheap yet effect means is a welcome relief. Trash cans which are placed in strategic locations are relatively cheap. As a mater of fact trash can manufacturing companies such as Securr have gone the extra mile to specially design trash cans that are meant to be used for advertisement.

These cost effective designs have been made in such a way that they provide he right size of frames where the advertisement messages can be written. These frames are neither to small nor too large. This is because a small frame may not adequately fit the message while one that is too large might proof to be a nuisance to its viewers.


Creativity is the mainstay of the advertisement; it is the ability of the advertiser to draw the consumer’s attention to the product that will determine the success of the process. Unique methods of advertisement such as trash cans create a lasting impression on the consumers mind and aid in rousing their interest. Subsequently this translates to more sales and higher profit margins.

It is this creativity that contributes to the uniqueness of trash cans as a medium of advertisement.

Durability and strategic location

Trash cans are durable in the sense that they have longevity of service. This stems from the fact that they are well engineered through galvanization and the use of strong materials. This trait is extended to advertisement in the sense that an advertisement message placed on trash can lasts for a very long time.

This coupled with the fact that the trash cans can be placed strategically in locations where the intended market is, makes them an indispensable advertisement medium.