Maintain Safety and Security with DHS-Compliant Trash Cans from Securr

In an effort to increase security while still providing options for proper refuse disposal, the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive stating “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb-resistant containers” in reference to high-traffic public transportation centers. To address this directive, Securr has designed a number of Homeland Security compliant trash cans and recycling receptacles made from the highest grade Makrolon polycarbonate.

What is Makrolon Polycarbonate?

Offering a unique combination of properties, Makrolon Polycarbonate is a lightweight, transparent thermoplastic sheet material that is used where flame retardency, impact resistance and optical clarity are priorities. With a glass transition temperature of up tp 148 degrees Celsius, Makrolon Polycarbonate offers excellent heat resistance while also remaining impact resistant at even low temperatures. This makes these trash cans ideal for use at all of the following:

  • Airport Bus Stations
  • Commuter Rail Systems
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Government Buildings
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Subway Systems

The Makrolon Polycarbonate material used in Securr’s products measures .236 or .093 thick varieties and won’t yellow. When used with clear bags, the contents inside the containers can be easily viewed by protective services. This helps to reduce the likelihood of bombs or other threatening devices being concealed within the containers. Meanwhile, the frames are constructed from corroision-resistant galvanealed steel that leaves the surface capable of accepting powder coating so it can be painted or receive vinyl decals.

Exploring Securr Options

At Securr, we offer a number of options for anyone who is looking for trash cans that meet the criteria established by the Department of Homeland Security. These include inndor and outdoor receptacles that are round or square in 35 gallon, 45 gallon and 55 gallon varieties. With 20 different design varieties available, you can choose the design that best suits the look of your space. You can further customize the look by choosing from one of several different colors or even having a company logo painted on the surface or laser cut ornamentation into the surface. Vinyl decals of virtually any size or shape can also be fabricated for further customization.

Of course, the trash cans also come with the features that consumers have come to expect from Securr. For example, the side opening doors make it easy to remove the waste from the side instead of from the top. Not only does this help to control the mess, but it also helps to prevent back injuries or other issues that can be caused when trying to pull the waste out from the top. A swing-out bag rack is also included for additional convenience.

When it comes to choosing the right trash receptacle for your business, there are a number of different factors to consider. While the receptacle is designed to hold waste, there is no reason for it to be unattractive or to otherwise not suit the décor of your business. With DHS-compliant trash cans from Securr, you can achieve the look you desire while still ensuring you are following the law and keeping your customers and employees safe.

Securr DHS Compliant Trash Cans

hs55ir-cs-medIn today’s world, public safety and security is a national concern.

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Trash receptacles in public locations are particularly susceptible to being a dumping ground for destructive devices or “suspicious packages”. SECURR, Security Conscious Refuse & Recycling, understands the need for security and created the Guardian Series Trash Cans in response.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was so concerned about security needs at public spaces like high traffic public transportation centers, they issued a directive requiring more protective measures. Passenger rail operators are required to implement new security procedures. The DHS directive states “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb-resistant containers”.

DHS Compliance

Where can you find Department of Homeland Security compliant containers? SECURR is here to help. The Guardian Series trash cans are user and maintenance friendly trash and recycling receptacles. Most importantly, they are Homeland Security compliant. Guardian trash cans offer:

  • Heat-resistance
  • Clear polycarbonate panels
  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability
  • Reliability
The clear side panels offer peace of mind security, allowing the contents to be easily viewed by law enforcement and protective services when used with clear bags. The plastic panels are reliably durable because they use only the highest grade Makloron polycarbonate. Cans are available in two thicknesses – .236 thick and .093 thick (lower cost option). The clear plastic side panels on SECURR DHS Compliant receptacles won’t yellow.

Safe in all aspects

SECURR receptacles are a great choice aesthetically and ergonomically. Securr looks out for employees as well as the workplace. A unique swing-out bag rack is also included as a no charge option. The side opening design works to prevent costly back injuries from the strain of reaching over and down into a receptacle. Securr thinks of everything!
Their ADA compliant waste and recycling products are heavy-duty and pleasing to the eye. Cans are available in Standard and Decorative options. Multiple panel options are available in addition to the clear polycarbonate. Create a unique style with:
  • custom laser cut
  • solid stainless steel
  • perforated stainless steel
  • powder coated colors

Buy once and don’t worry for years

With lid options configured for either outdoor or indoor applications and trash or recycling openings, Securr cans fit all refuse collection needs. Use indoors or out and know that The SECURR® Guardian Series receptacles are the most durable, corrosion resistant products of this type available on the market. Manufactured using high-grade materials and finishes, these receptacles provide exceptional corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments for years of trouble-free service. Assembled with welds and 3/16”structural rivets, the receptacles resist:
  • humidity
  • salt spray
  • fog
  • ultraviolet light
  • abrasion
  • chemicals.
All models are offered with either 35 or 55 gallons of capacity. A durable plastic rigid liner (or swing-out bag rack) and high quality locking latch are included.
Use Guardian Series security-conscious refuse and recycling receptacles for:
  • Commuter Rail Systems
  • Subway Systems
  • Airports Bus Stations
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Government Buildings
The clear polycarbonate panels provide complete visibility of the contents to comply with the Department of Homeland Security directions.

Securr 35 Gallon DHS Compliant Recycle Bin – HS35IR-CS093

SECURR Standard and Decorative waste and recycling receptacles are the best choice when it comes to being both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Made from corrosion resistant recycled materials, these attractive yet heavy duty, ADA compliant containers will secure your contents while offering years of trouble-free

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service. Multiple panel options are available, including custom laser cut, solid stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, and powder coated colors.

All models are offered using the only side opening doors on the market so that the contents are removed from the side, preventing costly back injuries. A standard swing or bag rack makes changing bags fast and efficient while providing either a full 35 gallons or 55 gallons of capacity, depending on the kind you select. A rigid plastic liner is optional at no extra cost. Using only high-grade materials and finishes, these receptacles provide exceptional corrosion resistance for the harshest environments.

Recognizing the need for secure solutions at high traffic, public transportation centers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a directive requiring protective measures to be implemented by passenger rail operators. SECURR ® has stepped up to this challenge by designing user and maintenance friendly Homeland Security compliant trash and recycling receptacles. The directive issued by the DHS Press Office states; “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb-resistant containers.”

The SECURR® Guardian Series receptacles are the most durable, corrosion resistant products of its kind available on the market. A few examples of uses for security-conscious refuse and recycling receptacles include Commuter Rail Systems, Subway Systems, Airports Bus Stations, Cruise Ship Terminals, Stadiums and Arenas and Government Buildings. They also have clear polycarbonate panels to provide complete visibility of the contents. A unique swing-out bag rack and a high quality

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lock are also included. More info about the products…

Cities Need Homeland Security Approved Cans and Receptacals




The trash cans from Securr are specially designed to comply with Homeland Security standards. The products have a clear design so that law enforcement can easily see if hazardous materials or if suspicious items has been placed in the trash can. There are several models to choose from, and each of the products from Securr are made from quality materials

The 35 Gallon Guardian Series from Securr is suited for ship terminals, sports stadiums and public buildings. The trash cans are 100 pounds, 22 inches wide, 35 inches high and 22 inches long. The product has a one-year warranty so you can return the product if there are any malfunctions and receive a new trash can from Securr.

There are also several indoor Securr trash cans you can choose from, like the Sentinel series, which is 45 gallons. There are also recycle bins available from the Sentinel lines. The trash cans are coated with a finish that is resistant to UV rays, and can withstand even the harshest weather environments. The panels can also be conveniently replaced if the product is damaged in any way; this way, you can save money by not having to buy a totally new trash can. The Sentinel line also includes the only side-opening doors available on the market, so the contents of the bin are removed from the side to prevent serious back injuries. There’s also a swing-out bag rack included so that the contents can easily be removed.

If your community or city has inquiries about trash cans that are Homeland Security-approved, contact the Securr company at 1-888-671-7066 to talk about the specifications of Guardian Series trash cans, along with other approved products that Securr provides.

If your city of community has questions about Homeland Security Approved trash cans and receptacles,  contact Securr Trash Cans at 888-671-7066 to discuss the approved Guardian Series Trash cans or other products approved DHS items offered by Securr Manufacturing.


DHS Clear Trash Can HS55IR-CS093

In response to recent terrorist bombings in transit hubs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a directive mandating protective measures that should be taken by passenger railway operators across the nation.  According to the DHS directive, operators will be required to remove any trash bins that aren’t clear or manufactured from bomb resistant materials.  Public trash cans have long been known as an easy place for terrorists to hide a bomb, and many companies have unveiled lines of clear trash cans that seek to address this growing problem.  The idea is that with clear bins, passersby and law enforcement can easily discern what is inside, detecting at a glance any questionable devices.

Many cities nationwide have installed these types of trash cans in their transit systems, including Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.  Authorities are trying to minimize the impact that a terrorist bombing can have in a busy rail terminal, such as the one in Madrid in 2004 that killed 191 people.

The company Securr offers a full range of DHS compliant receptacles for sale.  Here’s a breakdown of how these bins stack up to your average trash can.

Highly Durable

The Homeland Security compliant trash cans offered by Securr are constructed using galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosion.  They inhibit rust from forming and work well in just about any environment.  They can even be coated with a cold galvanizing spray, which is good in those snow-encrusted train stations up north.

The clear panels come in a variety of materials, from Makloron polycarbonate panels which are thick and incredibly durable, to thinner panels made from acrylic that can be easily replaced.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Securr trash cans are made with powder coated steel hinges to allow for many years of trouble-free service.  Knowing that trash cans located in public spaces often see a fair share of abuse, they have designed these receptacles to have interchangeable parts, thus eliminating the need to replace the entire trash can in case of damage.  The side panels, the swing-out back rack and the tops of these bins are all easily replaceable.

Serve a Variety of Uses

Clear trash cans can be an effective means of minimizing bomb threats in crowded public locations.  They are being adopted in subway systems, airports, bus stations, cruise ship terminals, sports stadiums, arenas and government buildings across the country.  As the threat of a terrorist attack looms over the United States, these clear trash cans can help provide some peace of mind to both operators of these facilities and to those who use them.

It’s good to know that our government is taking steps to improve security in public places where large numbers of people congregate.  With clear trash cans, we can all easily take part in helping to ensure the public safety by seeing what may be hiding in the garbage.  And as an added bonus, it can help deter people from tossing items into the trash that could otherwise be recycled!


If your city of community has questions about Homeland Security Approved trash cans and recepticals,  contact Securr Trash Cans at 888-671-7066 to discuss the approved Guardian Series Trash cans or other products approved by DHS

DHS trash cans offered by Securr Manufacturing.




Securr Offers Trash Cans for Every Need

Different industries have different needs from their trash cans. Whether you need to find a trash can for your home or business, Securr offers various trash cans for all the things you need to keep safely disposed.

  • Custom trash cans. Securr offers custom trash cans emblazoned with your company’s name or logo. This distinguishes the trash can so you create a professional setting for the work place.
  • Animal-proof trash cans. These trash cans are needed by both residential homes and businesses. Through Securr you can also peruse the BearSaver line. This is the line of trash cans proven to prevent animals from getting into your trash.
  • Outdoor advertising recycling bins. If you have a large recycling bin that sits at the curb and gets a lot of traffic passing by, considering covering the recycling bin with a logo or business name. This is a great way to utilize additional advertising space that would otherwise go unmarked.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical waste kiosks. Medical and pharmaceutical facilities need specific waste kiosks that are appropriate for correctly disposing of needles, liquids, gloves and other trash.

Securr is the leading manufacturer of trash cans and waste receptacles. The company works with schools, government agencies, public service facilities, parks and subways. If you need top quality trash cans that are secure, Securr offers the best in the industry. It’s a wise investment that will end up saving you money and time in the long run. You’ll never worry about trash falling out or inadequate disposal of waste when using a Securr trash can. We back our products with a guarantee because our trash cans are made with high quality parts in the United States.

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Know you’re supporting an American business that’s proud to employ Americans to produce the top trash cans for any home or business.

Our trash cans also have design features you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Removable side panels. This is in case the sides of the trash can are damaged, only the panels must be replaced.
  • There are two standard tops for outdoor recycling bins and trash cans. Alternatively, custom tops can be designed upon request depending on your needs.
  • Heavy-gauge corrosion resistant steel guarantees that the trash can will not rust, even under the most harsh weather conditions.
  • Holes to bolt down the trash can or recycling bin are located inside the receptacle, which decreases theft.
  • Custom graphics and logos are available for an upcharge to bring a professional look to your trash or recycling bin.

HS245-Advert Trash Can By Securr for Extra Revenue

Catchy Cans Capture Notice

Securr is a trusted name when it comes to selecting products designed for the safe disposal of wastes and storage of recyclable materials.  The company has long prided itself on innovative solutions to waste management, and now it is encouraging people to view waste receptacles as a possible source for the display of advertising material.

Rubbish bins and recycling cans need no longer be just a place for disposing of trash.  There is now a new age of advertising known as “out of home advertising,” which employs non traditional sources to get a message across.  Trash cans and recycling bins have become an important medium to display advertising of this sort.

Securr has developed a number of trash cans and recycling bins that are suitable for advertising of this sort.  Securr containers are durable and attractive.  They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.  Advertisements on trash cans and recycling bins get noticed and hence promote a product while the containers continue to perform their primary function of waste storage.

Care and Consideration Given to Making these Ads Work

Securr spent a good deal of time considering the best options to use in making advertisements for its containers.  The ad size for instance must be proportional to the can.  An ad that is too small will fail to be noticed.  Too large an ad can produce a feeling of annoyance that will be counter productive to the ad’s intent.

The advertising cans at Securr come in a wide variety of sizes.  The customer can select which size best suits their needs and conforms to the space requirements where it will be placed.

Customers are urged to give careful consideration to the amount of use a receptacle receives.  A trash can that is frequently overflowing with rubbish will defeat the purpose of any ad placed upon it.  Consider also how often you want to have to empty the container.  The smaller the capacity, the more frequently it will have to be emptied.

Products Long Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Securr advertising trash cans are designed for outdoor use.  They are attractive and durable in nature.  They come in such colors as forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.  They are fashioned from high quality materials manufactured to the highest standards.  Parts of Securr products are interchangeable and easily replaced.  If a panel becomes cracked or damaged in some fashion, a replacement part will easily take its place.  There will be no need to replace the entire unit.

Securr products are designed for long life.  They have frames made from galvanealed steel which has the corrosion resistance of galvanized metal, but with the added capability of providing a surface that can receive paint and decals.  Securr is able to accommodate custom orders and can paint or laser cut company logos and other details onto the surface of its containers.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with an expert in the field.  They will be happy to help you with any waste management issue.

Securr Outdoor Trash Bins Create Advertising Dollars

Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Bins

Capture attention with the Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Bins

Americans are subjected to advertising an average of 5,000 times per day. Traditional advertising focuses on television, magazine or newspaper impressions to attract their audience. With the advent of DVR television, consumers often choose to skip the advertisements altogether, while magazine and newspaper consumption has given way to online sources for information. To combat this bombardment for their attention, people often tend to block out “active” advertising such as television or radio ads. Advertisers know that some “passive” advertising reach, such as billboards, has limitations since many cities have ordinances against billboards of a certain size or within city limits. As advertising space becomes more difficult to find, advertisers look for other options to impress their brand or product on consumers. Non-billboard “Out-of-Home Advertising” is growing in popularity due to its low cost, visibility and public access. Securr trash and recycling bins offer just such access for passive product promotion.

Ads on Securr’s appealing, sturdy receptacles in a variety of sizes offer multiple outlets for advertising while also providing public service by confining trash or collecting recyclables. With your Securr advertising trash bins, advertise your own business, or bring in revenue by leasing advertising space to others.

Advertising Saturation

When trash receptacle advertising is properly applied, viewers’ attention is captured while they perform an everyday activity. Because the promotion is passive and in the course of their routine, they tend to not automatically block the ad. When the ad is unique, eye-catching or promotes brand recognition with a logo, the impression will stick with the viewer even if they don’t actively read the ad. Plastering dozens of billboards or posters in a small area is unrealistic, unsightly and usually violates ordinances, but multiple trash cans in a single location is common and expected offering frequency of ad-views in a positive manner.

Location, Location, Location

As in real estate, out-of-home advertising should be located where it is seen most often. What better way to get “ad-views” than on a container that receives constant use and to which the user actively approaches? Outdoor receptacles most often sit in obvious locations, easily accessible and visible to passersby.

Advantages of Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Cans & Recycle Bins

  • Securr advertising professionals have determined optimal ad dimensions ensuring that each ad’s proportions fit the trash can’s size and shape. Ads that have too small proportions often go unnoticed, while oversized ads often annoy the viewer and become a nuisance. Securr’s advertising spaces address both problems.
  • To be remembered in a positive light, the trash container must best fit the location. Securr offers receptacles with differing capacities. Choosing the correct size for the location improves the messaging of the ad.
  • Securr advertising trash cans and recycle bins have been designed for outdoor environmental exposure. With their durable materials and high-quality finishes, Securr’s receptacles are built to last for years, ensuring  a positive presentation for your company or your advertisers.

For more information about Securr Outdoor Advertising Bins, CLICK HERE.

Recycle Bins by Securr Keep America Green

More and more consumers are going green, and a great way to facilitate this trend is by providing recycling containers in public places or setting up a recycling system in your home.  No matter what your need, Securr is sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Attractive and Customized Recycling Solutions from Securr

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of trash and recycling bins, Securr offers consumers solutions that are both attractive and durable.  With a large array of colors and designs to choose from, you can customize your recycle bin to your exact specifications.  Whether you need indoor or outdoor receptacles or you want to advertise your business with your company logo and colors, you’ll be able to do all that and more with bins from Securr.

Securr’s Guardian Series

Securr’s line of Guardian trash and recycle cans are corrosion resistant and durable.  They are constructed of heavy-gauge galvannealed steel and come with UV resistant powder coat finishes.  These are bins that will certainly stand up to even the harshest elements.

Side panels on the Guardin series are completely interchangeable and can be easily replaced in case of damage, eliminating the need to replace the entire unit.  Side panels can be ordered in a wide range of styles including powder-coated steel, clear polycarbonate, stainless steel perforated, solid stainless steel, and custom laser cut designs.  They come in a variety of colors including fir green, black, olive green, sky blue and brown, although any color in the Pantone color chart can be custom-ordered.  The frame and the top can also be ordered in different colors for a two-tone look.

The tops of the Guardian series receptacles are also interchangeable, and come in both indoor and outdoor varieties.  The bins are ergonomic, with the only doors on the market that open on the side, making it easy to remove the contents of the bin.  They come with a durable plastic liner and are a great choice for any location.

Variety of Sizes Available

No matter how big or small you need your recycling solution to be, you’ll find it at Securr.  Their receptacles come in a range of capacities from 36 gallon containers to upwards of 140 gallons.

About Securr

Securr manufactures their trash receptacles in their state-of-the-art factory located in beautiful Southern California.  They produce a wide variety of bins for many applications including advertising, Homeland Security, residential, commercial, private and municipal.  Securr also offers a big selection of animal-proof trash cans through their world famous BearSaver line of receptacles.  No matter what you’re looking for, you are sure to find it at Securr.


Green Bins Extend Life of Landfills By Keeping Green Wastes Out

Added Benefit of Recycling Keep Waste Out of Landfills

More and more homeowners across the United States are being provided with so called green bins to store their garden waste.  These containers generally are made of molded plastic and can hold a little over 60 gallons of material.  That is considerably more than the amount that standard sized trash cans used by households can accommodate.  Green bins will have a pair of wheels along the bottom so they can easily be rolled around.  The tops are hinged flaps with a crossbar above the hinge.  Since the bar is on the same side as the wheels it gives a person a place to grab hold of the bin, tilt it, and steer the bin around on the wheels.  The bar also gives a mechanical hoist on garbage trucks a place to grab the bin and hoist it up to empty.

This system is designed to collect organic waste that can be deposited onto compost heaps for processing by bacteria into mulch suitable for use in agriculture and in gardening.  The product has commercial worth and sale of such can help to lower the cost of garbage collection.  It also helps to save space in landfills thereby extending the amount of time that such places can be kept in use.

Many municipalities are having an increasingly difficult time finding new spots for landfills.  They must haul their trash to ever more remote locations since more densely populated regions will look askance at any new waste disposal sites being inaugurated in the vicinity of homes, offices, shops, and schools.  This can cause the cost of waste disposal to skyrocket.

Distance Adds Dollars to Waste Disposal Costs

Garbage trucks get poor mileage, only a few miles per gallon.  This is due both to their substantial weight, and a design that makes them aerodynamically inefficient.  Their bulky appearance is a sign that they are not streamlined and so their mileage is often no better on an open highway then it will be on city streets.  It is not cost effective to have them haul trash for any substantial distance.

Cities of considerable size have had to resort to storing trash at temporary sites for transfer onto rail cars that will then haul the material away to a more distant location.  This is an expensive system, but it will still end up costing less than having garbage trucks run out to distant locals.

Green bins reduce the need for doing this by allowing a considerable portion of what would otherwise be material that ends up in landfills to be diverted to recycling centers devoted to compost conversion.  In some suburban locals, half or more of the trash that needs to be disposed of consists of garden waste.

This is particularly true in some leafy town sites in New Jersey where the majority of the homes are located on large lots that are heavily vegetated.  Many of these communities are largely populated by people who commute in daily to New York City.  This means they are not so far from a major metropolis.  It also means that are very few wide open spaces within any reasonable distance where new landfills can be established without vehement opposition from some local association of home owners.