Creating an Effective Ad for Your Advertising Receptacle

Placing an advertisement on an advertising receptacle can be an effective way to build brand loyalty and to gain new customers. When creating a sign for your receptacle, however, it is important to keep a few tips in mind to help ensure the greatest success from your ad campaign.

Tip #1: Take New Photos

Rather than using stock photos that your customers have likely seen over and over again, spend a little more money and invest the time in having a photo taken just for your ad. An eye-catching photo that truly captures the essence of your business will go a long way toward helping you create the image you wish to develop.

Tip #2: Don’t Make Your Logo a Feature

While your logo should be incorporated into your ad, you should avoid using it as the main feature of your ad. Including it will help to increase brand recognition, but there is no need to make your logo the main feature of your ad. Instead, focus on the message that you wish to convey to your target market.

Tip #3: Utilize Your Space

Your ad should utilize all of the space that is available without cutting it off so that parts of it cannot be seen. Get the exact dimension of the display window of your receptacle so you can be sure to get the exact dimensions for your ad. With this information, you can tailor your ad to be exactly the right size. If in doubt, add a border around the ad as filler. This way, if part of the ad is cut off, you will only lose part of the border. On the other hand, if there is more visible space than you anticipated, the border will help to frame the ad in an attractive manner.

Tip #4: Keep Words Minimal

An advertisement on the side of a trash receptacle should not be filled with numerous words. Keep any words short, simple and to the point. Remember, the idea is to capture your market’s interest so they will contact you to learn more, not to cram as much information as possible on to your ad.

Tip #5: Consider the Receptacle Placement

The location of the receptacle on which you are advertising will have an impact on the final design and message that you try to convey with your advertisement. An ad on a receptacle at a public park, for example, will reach a different type of audience than an ad on a receptacle at a car repair shop. Consider who will be likely to see your ad and create your advertisement with that target audience in mind. If you wish to advertise on multiple receptacles, you may need to create a different ad for each receptacle in order to best reach your target audience.

At Securr, we have many different types of advertising receptacles available, including convenience store and gas station island advertising trash cans & recycling bins. For those who are just looking for the basics, we also have logo trash cans & recycle bins available.

Growing Your Business with Trash Receptacle Ads


Spreading the word about your business is one of the keys to helping to reach new clients and expand your business. A growing number of businesses are looking for creative ways to reach out to these potential customers, with trash can receptacle advertising becoming an increasingly more popular option. After all, it is relatively cheap, it is effective and the receptacles themselves also serve a useful purpose. When deciding on the type of ad that you want to place on your trash receptacle, however, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Target Audience

As with all types of advertisement, you need to first consider your target audience. Rather than create a generic ad, your ad should be geared toward your niche market so that it grabs the attention of potential customers.


When determining your ad, you also need to consider the image that you wish to achieve with your advertising. Ideally, you want to reach the point where your target audience recognizes your logo to the point where you no longer even need to say your name, such as the arches of McDonald’s or the swoosh associated with Nike. By working toward building a consistent image, you will be able to make a long-lasting impression on potential customers.


While you may have already decided that you want to advertise on trash receptacles, you also need to consider where those trash receptacles will be located. To reach your target audience, the receptacles should be located in an area where they are likely to see your ads. If you are advertising sports equipment, for example, ads on receptacles at a park would probably be a better option than ads on receptacles in the city. Research your target market to get a better idea of the best location for your ads.


While you certainly want to create ads and place them in a location where you are the most likely to reach your target audience, you should also be sure to diversify your advertisements so you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket. As you research your target audience, consider all of the options that are available to you. This includes paying for ads in places other than just trashcans, such as in magazines, on billboards, on television or on the radio. Taking multiple approaches to advertising will give you a greater chance of effectively reaching your target market.

Monitor Your Ads

To determine the overall effectiveness of your ads, it is a good idea to monitor them and make tweaks as necessary. To assist with monitoring your ads, you can simply ask new customers to tell you where they heard about your company or organization. By keeping track of how you were able to reach new customers, you will have a better idea of where you should continue to filter your advertising dollars.

At Securr, we are pleased to offer a variety of different trash receptacles on which you can place your ads. Take a look at what we have to offer. We are sure you will find something that suits you!

Advertise Your Business with Logo Trash Cans from Securr

As a business owner, it is important to get the name of your business out to as many potential customers as possible. As such, businesses have looked for increasingly creative ways to display their logos and business name. One option that you might want to consider for advertising your business while also fulfilling a need within your establishment or community is to utilize a logo trash can.

What is a Logo Trash Can?

Simply put, a logo trash can is a waste receptacle that has the name of your business or your business logo on the side. Some cities actually help to pay for their waste management by renting trash receptacles with the logos and names of area businesses on the sides. In other cases, businesses choose to have their logos placed on their trash receptacles in order to create a more professional look while also helping to further advertise their business.

Logo Trash Cans from Securr

At Securr, we can utilize our unique in-house capabilities to fabricate a logo trash can or recycling bin to suit your business needs. In most cases, the logo is custom laser cut into the metal side panels before being attached to the container. A backing panel made from an offsetting color is then used to help make your logo really pop and come to life. Securr offers containers with several side panel style options, all of which are replaceable in case of damage or when in need of new design requirements.

If the custom laser cut option is not feasible, another option is to simply affix a custom logo made from a high-grade vinyl decal to the side of the container. These decals can be made in virtually any size, shape and color. Not only are they less costly than the custom laser cut option, but they are also easy to replace in case of damage. Standard decals that are available at no extra cost include Trash, Recycle, Aluminum, Glass and Plastic. The Recycle Symbol is also available at no extra cost. Custom lettering and graphics, however, are available with an upcharge.

Style and Function

In addition to providing a great way to advertise your business, trash receptacles from Securr offer an attractive and easy-to-use design available in colors such as white, black, sky blue, fir green, olive green and forest brown. Made from heavy-gauge corrosion resistant steel with UV-resistant textured powder coating, you can rest assured your trash receptacle will not rust under any environmental circumstances. Similarly, the side opening door allows for easy emptying, which also helps to reduce the risk of back injuries since the waste does not need to be removed from the top of the waste receptacle. To ensure the receptacle remains properly in place, it comes with bold down holes located on the inside of the container. The ADA-compliant receptacles also feature a rigid plastic liner, while swing-out bag racks are also available at no additional cost if preferred.

Securr Advertising Trash Cans Perfect for Convenience Stores & Gas Islands

Convenience stores and gas islands need durable and accessibility-compliant trash cans. Our trash cans come with built-in advertising frames that make it easy to change the media, and the outdoor variety has provisions for advertisements on both the body and the top.  There are even models that come with window-washing modules, perfect for gas islands.  With Securr Convenience Store Advertising Trash Cans, you can rest assured knowing that these cans are user-friendly, easy to maintain and will last for years in even the harshest environment.

INDOOR Convenience Store Advertising Trash Can

Indoor Convenience Store Advertising Trash CanThe Securr HS36IW-ADVERT Convenience Store advertising trash can boasts a large, 36 gallon capacity.  These cans are heavy-duty and ADA compliant made from corrosion-resistant recycled materials.  They are both attractive and sturdy, lasting for many years of trouble-free service.  Each advertising trash can comes complete with:

  • Standard indoor configurations which include full-sized ad panels on front and rear of base.
  • Ad frames for revenue-generating ads.
  • Ad frames that can be configured to include one to four sides of base.
  • Branding panels that can be permanently affixed.
  • Removable rigid plastic liner.
  • Dual magnetic door latches.
  • Flush key lock.
  • Optional window-washing module.
  • Bolt-down provisions.
  • Full-length piano hinge for durability.
  • Side-opening service door.
  • Corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel construction.
  • Powder coat finish.

Indoor advertising trash cans are available in any color.  Standard colors include black, white, fir, green, forest brown and sky blue.

OUTDOOR Convenience Store Advertising Trash Can

Aristo smallThe Securr HS36OW-ADVERT Convenience Store advertising trash is perfect for outdoor use such as gas islands.  The can also boasts a large 36 gallon capacity that is both heavy-duty and ADA compliant.  Outdoor advertising trash cans have the following features:

  • Standard outdoor configurations which include full-sized ad panel frames on front and rear of base as well as smaller ad panel frames on front and rear of hood which are angled for easy viewing.
  • Ad frames that are great for branding or logos or for revenue-generating ads.
  • Ad frames that can be added or deleted to include one to four sides of the base.
  • Branding and logos can be permanently affixed without ad frames.
  • Removable 36 gallon liner included.
  • Dual magnetic door latches.
  • Flush key lock.
  • Optional window washing equipment module for gas island use.
  • Bolt-down provisions included.
  • Full-length piano hinge for durablility.
  • Optional flap door available.
  • Side-opening service door.
  • Corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel construction and powder coat finish.

Outdoor advertising trash cans are also available in any color.  Standard colors include black, white, fir green, olive green, forest brown and sky blue.


Securr produces a wide variety of trash cans and recycle bins to service many applications including advertising, Homeland Security, residential, commercial, private and municipal.  There is also a huge selection of animal proof receptacles available through the world-famous BearSaver line.  Securr manufactures all trash cans and recycling bins in our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California.

With so many waste receptacles available it can be a bit confusing determining which one is right for your needs.  We’re happy to assist you in choosing the bin that will work best for you.  Please call us at 1-8880-671-7066 for assistance.

Securr Advertsing Trash Cans Earn Extra Money for Your Community

The Securr Company is already well-known for its qualitative, resistant waste receptacles that function perfectly even in the harshest conditions. The company’s wide line of products is meant for all types of outdoor spaces: parks, public spaces, communities, homes, etc. Ergo, if you want to maintain a certain space clean and secure it from potential vandalism, investing in a qualitative trash can might seem like a sensible decision. Customers will have a plethora of models at their disposal, from where they can choose the type that best matches their budget and preferences.

Introducing the Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR

hs55or-advert-medThe Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR is one of the most recent and modern products that combine all the features that one could desire in a container. It has a removable, powder coated, resistant steel panels, and it includes advertising frames; basic models have a capacity of 55 gallons, thus it’s neither too small nor too big, having the perfect size to fit in a public park or in your backyard. General specifications include:

  • ADA compliant
  • Capacity: between 35 and 55 gallons
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Multiple panel options
  • Attractive general design

Generally speaking, the Securr Standard and Decorative trash cans, both the waste and the recycling ones, have a capacity of 35 to 55 gallons; if you do not have a very wide space at your disposal, you can opt for a trash can with smaller dimensions, which will look just as good, and will also be highly efficient.

The Multiples Uses of the Securr Trash Cans

Likewise, all the containers are ADA complaint; due to their increased durability and nice appearance, they make a fabulous choice and that’s exactly why they’re currently found in numerous towns, airports, schools, bus stations, public institutions, natural reservations and in many other places.

The Securr waste receptacles are made of recycled, corrosion resistant materials, and they are very solid and strong; therefore, they will secure the content from outside threat factors such as vandalism and wild animals. Not to mention that customers will have at their disposal multiple panel options, and these include custom laser cut, perforated stainless steel, solid stainless steel, and powder coated colors.

The waste can be removed from the side panels using the opening doors, and not from the top like in the case of all the other trash cans. This feature is extremely convenient because it prevents back injuries, and the entire process is greatly eased. These miraculous receptacles will remain unchanged even in the harshest environments and you will not have to worry that after a couple of months their exterior aspect will change. The durable materials and resistance to corrosion will maintain the trash cans in perfect condition for years to come.

Customers can order the type of waste receptacle they want from the web, and the bin will be shipped to them from Ontario California. Also the initial price of these containers was of $1,010.00; however, benefit from an amazing discount from Securr and purchase your Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR for only $768.00.

Logo Trash Cans by Securr Manufacturing


Public spaces such as gardens, parks and schools should have durable trash cans in order to keep them safe and clean. The population should recycle more, and for this to happen there needs to be at least one recycle bin every 20 meters in public places.

A reliable recycle bin prevents vandalism and it makes sure that waste doesn’t spread in the surrounding areas. Securr is one of the most dependable trash can companies on the market. Their varied line of products is meant for various purposes. The logo trash cans for example, are all about going green and saving the Earth.

Logo Trash Cans from Securr Can Help Your Advertise

Whether you’re looking to advertise your own business or send a message to the world, Securr Manufacturing can certainly help you out. The customer is at liberty to opt for the trash can that best matches his needs, as well as print whatever he wants on the sides.

Securr produces safe and convenient locking waste receptacles. Since they’re adaptable, you have the possibility to use them for numerous purposes. The locking devices aren’t compulsory and you can opt for basic locking hasps or keyed locks. Garbage bins and recycling containers with corresponding keys for various containers are also provided by the company. If you live in wildlife populated area, you can choose animal-proof receptacles and raise awareness to the people that the area must be kept clean, and that the waste should thrown inside the bins.

There are a lot of options available on the market, so customers will come across a plethora of trash cans from Securr on their website.

Introducing the Securr 35 Gallon Guardian Series – HS35OW-L-SS

Locking trash cans from Securr are meant for various purposes. Some people buy them for their own private properties, while others recommend them for the communities. The Gallon Guardian Series – HS35OW-L-SS is one of the most popular models of trash cans from Securr. It can be purchased for $698 and it is ideal for all kinds of environments. Unlike other recycle bins available in the market place, the Guardian Series is ADA compliant, it can accommodate up to 55 gallons of waste, and it looks nice.

Generally speaking, all bins from Securr are made from resistant materials that fight corrosion and can secure perfectly the contents inside. The bins have multiple panel options such as solid stainless steel and powder coated colors. We live in a world where natural reserves and public parks are still not properly taken care of. Hence, an efficient trash can is mandatory. Only solid receptacles have the capacity to hold the waste inside and prevent it from being spread.

Often times, big companies invest money in quality receptacles to save the environment but also to promote their business. For the average individual, it’s additionally important to live in a safe environment and do whatever he can to keep it in good condition. Everybody should recycle, and Securr is a solid company with some of the most competitive products on the market.

Dog Proof Garbage Cans from Securr Manufacturing

How do you know when you need to dog proof your garbage cans?  Do you have a new puppy still learning its boundaries?  Or, is your best friend an older hound dog that just can’t resist the smell of chicken bones?  Do you live in hills or desert where coyotes roam freely? Protecting your pets and family is always a top priority and dog proof trash cans are one easy way to do that.  There’s no need to waste any more time messing around with ineffective ways to keep dogs out of your waste receptacles.  Securr offers many animal proof trash can options for your home.

Residential Dog Proof Trash Can Enclosures

The “Bearier” line of Residential Can Enclosures feature patented BearSaver latches designed to keep out all animals, small, large and even bears.  The enclosures are built for 30 gallon Rubbermaid cans (included) and are available to house single, double or triple cans.

Available design choices are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.  The gabled roof double and triple enclosures even resemble a dog house in design and they’re perfect for colder climates.  The gabled roof is especially effective for managing a high volume snow load.


The RCE series of Residential Cart Enclosures utilizes all the same high quality construction and materials as BearSaver’s field tested commercial grade enclosures.  Those specifications include:

  • All hardware such as hinges, handles, striker plates are zinc coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Heavy-duty piano hinge material door hinges use stainless steel pins for durability.
  • Corrosion proof steel housing and doors  and are
  • Textured powder coat finishing process.
  • The finish is proof to humidity, salt spray, fog, ultraviolet rays, abrasion and chemicals.

The enclosures come in several colors including:

  • Black
  • Fir Green
  • Olive Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Forest Brown
  • Custom Colors Available

Simple and Cost Effective Dog Proof Cans

Running a home and managing a family is certainly expensive.  There’s no reason to break the bank on a dog proof garbage can.  Families can still enjoy security and peace of mind while sticking to any tight budget.

The following BearSaver Poly carts are wheeled trash cans that will keep Rover and other animals big or small out of your trash.

The Varmint Model

Of course, your furry friend is a member of the family, not a varmint.  But BearSaver’s Varmint Model may still be the perfect solution to keep your puppy’s paws out of the trash.  The Varmint Model is the most economic model in the BearSaver rolling cart family and is specifically designed for keeping out small animals.


It specializes in excellent protection from:

  • Dogs and Pets
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Coyotes
  • All other small animals.

A steel reinforced lid and the signature BearSaver animal resistant latch provides patent pending “lock down” protection at a perfect price.  The patent pending latching system featured on all BearSaver products is a unique “push-to-close” design which ensures that no one has to fumble with clumsy clips, and better yet, no one can forget to re-latch the container!

The Grizzly Model

The Grizzly Model offers the maximum level of protection against any pet or animals of any size with a bear resistant latch and steel reinforced side rails, back corners, lid, back stiffener and handle area.

The Grizzly Model comes in 3 sizes:

  • Large 95 Gallon
  • Medium 65 Gallon
  • Small 32 Gallon

The Grizzly Model Carts are especially designed to keep out the heaviest of animals such as grizzlies.  Steel components are corrosion resistant with zinc and/or powder coating. The cart is designed for either manual or semi-automated pick up service.  For automated service, simply unlatch shortly before scheduled service.

The Black Bear Model

This model is specifically designed for resisting black bears and provides a medium level of protection with steel reinforced side rails, back corners and lid, plus, the BearSaver “push-to-close” latch.

The Black Bear comes in these standard sizes:

  •  Large 95 Gallon
  • Medium 65 Gallon

Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans


Waste receptacles offered by Securr are qualitative, ADA compliant, and they’re characterized by efficiency and durability. They have a very pleasant aspect and they’re appropriate for any type of environment. The containers are made of highly-resistant, non-corrosive materials that will perfectly secure the content inside. The bins have numerous panel options, such as solid stainless steel, custom laser cut, powder coated colors, and perforated stainless steel.

What is more, for every model you can opt for a capacity of 35 or 55 gallons, according to your specific needs. Likewise, these waste receptacles are uniquely designed and therefore, you can remove the content from the sides and not from the top. Overall, these containers are extra-resistant, and cope well in any sort of environment. All Securr bins are great-looking, the feature an attractive aspect meant to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking to invest in a trash can for your home or for your outdoor space, check the main benefits of Securr trash cans:

  • Different styles for the side panels
  • Replaceable side panels
  • Made from corrosion resistant steel
  • Two standard outdoor options available for recycling
  • Custom openings upon request
  • Side opening door for facile discharging
  • Selection of multiple standard colors, all using UV resistant powder coat
  • Colors included: black, sky (light) blue, white, forest brown, olive and fir green.
  • Bolt down holes are situated on the inside
  • Rigid plastic liner is also included, along with Swings out bag racks, for no extra cost.
  • Standard markers available and they include: Recycle, Trash, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic and the classic Recycle symbol. Graphics and custom lettering are available for a small extra cost
  • ADA Compliant

Introducing the Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans

Securr has recently released the Guardian Series of containers that are available in 35 and 55 gallons size, and they feature a frame and lid made of highly-resistant galvannealed steel, and qualitative polycarbonate or steel panels. Also, the lids can be used indoor, as well as outdoor, and they feature several trash and recycle, opening options.

The Guardian Littler Receptacle is actually modular in construction, thus it permits the change of the side panels, the lids, and these are available in numerous styles and designs; thus, you can easily replace them whenever you want. Likewise, you may want to know that the hinges, latches, and hardware are fabricated entirely out of zinc or stainless steel, and the receptacle frames are made from corrosion resistant galvannealed steel, being finished with a special powder coating. For this reason, the finish is resistant to humidity, fog, salt spray, abrasions, ultraviolet light, and chemicals.

The Guardian Series

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Outdoor 55-Gallon trash can is an extremely durable garbage recipient from Securr. It can be used in public areas such as parks and gardens, but it can additionally fit perfectly in harsh environments as well, such as forests and natural reserves. Made of resistant materials, the Securr bins can also be personalized. Hence, if you want to advertise your business and protect the environment, you can more than welcomed to customize your trash cans.

Securr Offers Trash Cans for Every Need

Different industries have different needs from their trash cans. Whether you need to find a trash can for your home or business, Securr offers various trash cans for all the things you need to keep safely disposed.

  • Custom trash cans. Securr offers custom trash cans emblazoned with your company’s name or logo. This distinguishes the trash can so you create a professional setting for the work place.
  • Animal-proof trash cans. These trash cans are needed by both residential homes and businesses. Through Securr you can also peruse the BearSaver line. This is the line of trash cans proven to prevent animals from getting into your trash.
  • Outdoor advertising recycling bins. If you have a large recycling bin that sits at the curb and gets a lot of traffic passing by, considering covering the recycling bin with a logo or business name. This is a great way to utilize additional advertising space that would otherwise go unmarked.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical waste kiosks. Medical and pharmaceutical facilities need specific waste kiosks that are appropriate for correctly disposing of needles, liquids, gloves and other trash.

Securr is the leading manufacturer of trash cans and waste receptacles. The company works with schools, government agencies, public service facilities, parks and subways. If you need top quality trash cans that are secure, Securr offers the best in the industry. It’s a wise investment that will end up saving you money and time in the long run. You’ll never worry about trash falling out or inadequate disposal of waste when using a Securr trash can. We back our products with a guarantee because our trash cans are made with high quality parts in the United States.

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Know you’re supporting an American business that’s proud to employ Americans to produce the top trash cans for any home or business.

Our trash cans also have design features you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Removable side panels. This is in case the sides of the trash can are damaged, only the panels must be replaced.
  • There are two standard tops for outdoor recycling bins and trash cans. Alternatively, custom tops can be designed upon request depending on your needs.
  • Heavy-gauge corrosion resistant steel guarantees that the trash can will not rust, even under the most harsh weather conditions.
  • Holes to bolt down the trash can or recycling bin are located inside the receptacle, which decreases theft.
  • Custom graphics and logos are available for an upcharge to bring a professional look to your trash or recycling bin.

Securr Locking Trash Cans Keep Refuse Secured


Securr is a well-known, trustworthy trash can company that understands the value of a fine receptacle. People and companies are advised to select a container that can be locked because it’s important to be sure that the waste is isolated from the outside. Consequently, a durable container keeps germs and toxic waste far away from the people, and it prevents vandalism.

Opt for a Securr Trash Can with a Locking Mechanism

If you place a recycle bin or a trash receptacle in a public area, it is very important to have a good locking mechanism, in order to avoid liability issues that may appear. This way, in case somebody gets hurt while using the waste receptacle, or its content, you will not have to support any legal consequences. For this reason, the locking system is essential, and it can help companies and municipalities avoid numerous problems.

The Securr Company understands how important it is for customers to be safe; therefore, it has available a line of specialized containers that function flawlessly, look good, and present great features. In addition, Securr understands that every individual has different needs; they take pride in manufacturing recycle bins and trash cans that are extremely versatile, and can adapt easily, being suitable for numerous environments and places.

The Great Features of Professional Trash Cans

When purchasing a trash can, you can opt for several additional features such as locking devices, and for each container you can select exactly the type of lock that you want. Starting from the basic locking hasps to keyed locks, the company also offers special locking garbage bins and recycling cans with matching keys. If you want to purchase a waste receptacle, which is going to be placed in an area with a thriving wildlife, you may want to opt for animal-proof containers. These are part of the BearSaver line, and have been specially designed for areas with animals, such as natural reservations or cities near forests.

Keep Your Community Secure with Efficient Securr Containers

People should feel safe in their communities, and they must also try their best to keep the streets as clean as possible. The wide array of trash cans from Securr are extremely durable, and the locking mechanisms will manage to keep your neighborhood safe and sound.

The company offers a plethora of containers and you can pick from various styles, sizes, capacities, designs, and colors, the one that best matches your needs. The locking waste receptacles are available in various models as well. All Securr trash cans have a nice appearance and they’re all ultra-efficient.

If you’re overwhelmed by the great diversity of products, and you cannot decide what to select, feel free to give the company a call or send them an email and they will assist you in the shortest amount of time possible. The Securr Company puts great emphasis on their relationship with the customers, and it’s constantly seeking new ways to meet their demands, provide the needed products, and offer the people the best possible services.