CE138-CH-S or CE138-CH-P Medical Sharps Kiosk

Safety in Design of Medical Sharps Kiosk

The Securr Corporation is an industry leader in providing receptacles that can safely store sharp objects particularly those that fall within the parameters of medical waste. Such products can be harmful to human health, and it is important that such material be disposed of in a manner that prevents any possible injury. Their new line of products designated as CE-138 –Ch-S or CE 138 Ch-P does just that.

These products are designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The loading door is a chute like entrance that eliminates the possibility that people will be able to stick their hand through the entry portal to possibly injure them. The contents can only be removed when the service door to the container is unlocked. Depending on which model is ordered, there

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will be one or two locks in the system. Both are rated as being safe to use in connection with sharp objects and medical waste. A typical example would be a used hypodermic needle.

Because of their durable qualities, these items are suitable for use outdoors in the harshest of weather. They are constructed using corrosion resistant galvanealed steel which lends them an attractive gleaming surface. Because of the process used in fabrication, the surface can absorb paint for decoration. The interior has a liner specified for medical use with a storage capacity of 38 gallons. This liner can be easily removed and used for transport to a disposal center. The chute itself is constructed from stainless steel.

A Worry for Workers is Solved

Improper disposal of medical wastes presents a genuine risk to sanitation workers. The problem is particularly acute when it comes to needles. Such objects can jab into a person producing serious injury along with the risk of infection and transmission of disease. Mix ups do occur in the transportation of waste materials. Sometimes medical wastes are accidentally sent to recycling centers where they present a variety of hazards to workers. Containers containing dangerous waste may break open. Sharp objects such as needles can penetrate through a plastic bag. Getting stabbed with such an item can result in the transmission of such diseases as HIV and hepatitis.

Clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices usually have drop boxes of some sort to dispose of these items. Special collection services are employed to pick these items up and dispose of them safely. Needle exchange programs and other innovative programs have been developed as a means to keep these items separate from the normal pattern of garbage collection.

There are also now several methods of disposal for use by individuals in the home who may have a need to use hypodermic needles on a regular basis. They will melt the tips of needles rendering them safe for disposal. Doctors will caution their patients who need to use needles to take precautions when they dispose of them. Sanitation workers are always cautious when working around any material that may puncture the skin. The possibility of infection is always a concern if such an event takes place.