Cities Need Homeland Security Approved Cans and Receptacals




The trash cans from Securr are specially designed to comply with Homeland Security standards. The products have a clear design so that law enforcement can easily see if hazardous materials or if suspicious items has been placed in the trash can. There are several models to choose from, and each of the products from Securr are made from quality materials

The 35 Gallon Guardian Series from Securr is suited for ship terminals, sports stadiums and public buildings. The trash cans are 100 pounds, 22 inches wide, 35 inches high and 22 inches long. The product has a one-year warranty so you can return the product if there are any malfunctions and receive a new trash can from Securr.

There are also several indoor Securr trash cans you can choose from, like the Sentinel series, which is 45 gallons. There are also recycle bins available from the Sentinel lines. The trash cans are coated with a finish that is resistant to UV rays, and can withstand even the harshest weather environments. The panels can also be conveniently replaced if the product is damaged in any way; this way, you can save money by not having to buy a totally new trash can. The Sentinel line also includes the only side-opening doors available on the market, so the contents of the bin are removed from the side to prevent serious back injuries. There’s also a swing-out bag rack included so that the contents can easily be removed.

If your community or city has inquiries about trash cans that are Homeland Security-approved, contact the Securr company at 1-888-671-7066 to talk about the specifications of Guardian Series trash cans, along with other approved products that Securr provides.

If your city of community has questions about Homeland Security Approved trash cans and receptacles,  contact Securr Trash Cans at 888-671-7066 to discuss the approved Guardian Series Trash cans or other products approved DHS items offered by Securr Manufacturing.