Did You Know There is a Trash Can that Helps Fight Terrorism?

How can a trash can or recycling receptacle help us protect our airports, train stations and subway stations against the threat of terrorist attacks? One obvious tactic of a terrorist attempting to pull off a successful attack is concealment of an explosive device. A new generation of Department of Homeland Security compliant clear-sided trash cans and recycling receptacles are aiding in the fight against terrorism by eliminating trash cans as a potential depository for explosives in public areas.

Terrorism Threatens Our Train Stations, Subways and Airports

USA Todayrecently reported that holes in security leave travelers vulnerable on the more than 4 billion trips they take by subway and rail each year – see Can trains, subways be protected from terrorists?. Worldwide, there have been 213 attacks on subways, trains and their stations from Jan. 1, 2005, through June 30, 2010, as well as another 197 attacks on aircraft and airports.

In the subway and rail attacks, 700 were killed and 3,262 wounded . In the aircraft and airport attacks, 238 were killed and 937 were wounded . “Logic dictates that because mass transit is ‘mass’, terrorists are interested in attacking it to maximize death, injury and panic”, says Clark Kent Ervin, the former Homeland Security Department Inspector General. In many of these cases, explosive devices were easily concealed in public area indoor and outdoor trash cans.

The nation’s vast network of more than 3,200 stations and more than 20,000 miles of track combined with the impracticality and cost of screening every passenger leave U.S. subways and rails exposed to the type of terrorist attacks 22 other nations have experienced the last

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five years. Eliminating a key concealment point by deploying DHS compliant trash cans and recycling recycling receptacles in and around our airports, train and subway stations is a critical step in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

What Makes Securr DHS Compliant Trash Cans So Special?

Fortunately, hiding explosives in trash cans is not so easy anymore thanks to the development of the Securr line of DHS compliant clear-sided trash cans and recycling receptacles.

Securr trash cans and recycling receptacles are the market leaders in terms of quality and durability. The frames are fabricated using corrosion resistant galvannealed steel that inhibits rust and performs well in challenging environmental conditions. For added protection when needed, Securr offers optional coatings with even more protection including cold spray galvanizing treatment and marine powder coating . All units utilize stainless steel hinges and are finished with high-grade UV-resistant powder coat, assuring many years of trouble-free service. In case of abuse or misuse, the side panels, swing-out bag rack and tops are all easily replaceable thus negating the need to replace the entire receptacle.

There are two clear-sided panel thicknesses available in the DHS receptacles. Our most popular is the thicker (.236″), incredibly durable Makrolon polycarbonate panels. Makrolon is 30 times more impact resistant than acrylic, has exceptional UV qualities, and carries a UL 94 rating for flammability. Lower cost thinner (.093) clear panels are also available and either are easily replaceable in case of damage. The Guardian Series (round shape) is available in 35 gallon and 55 gallon sizes. The Sentinel Series (square shape) is available in 45 gallons. All receptacles can be ordered with either an outdoor trash top, outdoor recycling top, indoor trash top or indoor recycling top.

For more information about Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans and Recycling Bins you can visit the Securr website at www.trash-cans.com. You can also call the Securr Solutions Team directly at 888-671-7066 to discuss your needs and the Securr solution to meet them.