Guardian Series Trash Cans Securr Model HS55IR-L-P

Relied on for Lengthy use

The Securr

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Corporation has long held the lead in the development of waste receptacles. It has further championed the efforts at recycling through the use of its bins. The Guardian Series offers a solution to the temporary storage until the material can be transported to a recycling center or suitable disposal site. These models have a capacity of 55 gallons. They are designed for indoor use and come with a powder coated steel exterior onto which is possible to place laser cut images.

Technicians are available to take custom orders. Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with a qualified expert. Company logos and other special sorts of information can be etched into the surface of your Securr receptacles. The cans will then serve as an advertisement for your firm.

The Guardian series is the most durable product of its kind presently found on the market. They are built of quality materials to the highest standards. Thick gauge galvanealed steel is used to fabricate the frames. The alloy gives the unit the strength of cold rolled steel combined with the corrosion resistant functions of galvanized metal. The set up allows the surface to be treated with a powder finish that allows for painted surfaces.

The side panels on the Guardian series are interchangeable. A dented or cracked panel therefore does not require replacement of the entire unit. A single panel is simply exchanged. This can result in considerable savings for the purchasers of large numbers of receptacles. Securr offers discounts on bulk orders.

Custom Options Available

Replacement panels for the Guardian Series may be ordered in a variety of styles and colors. Clear panels made of polycarbonate which has been super strengthened are also available. Among the color options are olive green, fir green, black, brown, and sky blue. The panels also come in stainless steel and with a powder coating onto which custom paint and laser cuts can be applied.

The tops on the Guardian Series are also interchangeable. They can be ordered in several modes: outdoor, indoor, outdoor recycling, and indoor recycling. The door for emptying opens from the side allowing for quick and easy disposal of the contents. A plastic liner is included which is exceedingly durable. The cans are attractive enough in appearance for use in any professional office.

The ever increasing tendency to recycle puts a premium on having the storage containers necessary to hold materials until they can be sent to a reprocessing center for reuse. Securr has a large line of bins that are suitable for any recycling need.

It is important to choose the right sort of product to serve your needs in regards to recycling. For a recycling center to succeed, it needs to present an attractive appearance and not be filled with litter or odors. Such an appearance is not only unsightly, but it acts as a public health hazard. Exposed trash attracts insects and vermin. It can act as a breeding ground for infectious disease.