Guardian Series Waste Receptacle HS55OW-L-SS


Toughest Product on the Market

The Securr Corporation has a Guardian Series of Waste Receptacles which feature laser cut images.  These are set into a powder coated steel container.  These containers are suitable for use outdoors, and they are ADA compliant.  Their rated capacity is 55 gallons.

No other container on the market today is more durable or corrosion resistant.  The containers are fabricated from thick gauge steel that has been galvanealed to help it resist corrosion and create UV resistance.

The side panels on these containers are interchangeable.  They are bolted in to make replacement simple.  A dented panel will not mean replacement of the entire receptacle, but of a single component.  Panels are available in a range of colors and styles.  Laser cut images and designs can be custom ordered and set into stainless steel or powder coated panels.  Different colors can be ordered to create a two tone look.  Panels can also be purchased in clear polycarbonate.

The tops in the Guardian Series are also replaceable.  Styles include, outdoor and outdoor recycling along with indoor and outdoor recycling.  These cans are unique in being the only sort of this type with a side opening door that allows them to be easily opened up to empty.

These cans present an attractive appearance that makes them suitable for use in any location.  The use of high quality materials and careful construction means that these purchases will lest for a very long time.  This adds an extra dimension of value to the product.

Growing Need for Bins

Society is generating ever large loads of trash which must be safely disposed of.  Gone are the days when waste could be haphazardly handled.  The need is now understood for there to be containment systems in place to ensure that hazardous materials do not enter the environment.  Waste must not be allowed to seep into the water table where it may pollute the ground water aquifers.  Many communities have suffered crippling cost when wells supplying the water needs in an area were forced to shut down after discoveries were made that contaminants had made their way into the water that was being pumped out.  Correcting such problems can involve drilling new wells and may require use of an entirely different aquifer if the contaminants prove to be widely dispersed.

The solution to these threats often means no more than purchasing the proper bins to safely store trash and then transporting the containers to a well maintained site for disposal.  Landfills can be sealed with layers of clay, and other coverings and liners.

Another factor driving demand for bins comes from the growing tendency to recycle wastes.  Materials designated for this use must be stored in waste containers from the time they are amassed in collection centers to the point where they are taken to reprocessing plants for conversion into new, useful materials.  Recycling centers are now found in many sites in numerous countries.  Recycling is now a lucrative industry that continues to grow.