HA-P HA Series Single Trash Container. ADA Compliant. Animal and Bear Proof.

Securr is currently offering new and improved trash cans which belong to the H/A Series of bins. This is designed in cooperation with the National Parks Service Denver Design Center. These series of trash cans are perfect for high profile projects and for commercial use. The design is very exquisite, making it great for standing next to visitor centers, downtown streets and any place where there is a need for aesthetic bins. Even though it meets the ADA guidelines, both the quality and the craftsmanship are not compromised.

For those who want to promote a product or a business service, they can opt to add a logo on each bin. These logos or graphics are made through custom laser cut graphics and are available with an extra charge. The additional fee is surely worth it and many have tried to add their own logos to the bins.

However, if people want something sturdier and robust, they can choose to buy the BearSaver line of trash cans. Although this does not provide the same amount of aesthetic purpose compared to the H/A series of trash cans, it surely is an efficient bin. Its most outstanding feature is its animal proof design. There are only few bins out in the market these days that can effectively keep wild or stray animals away from the garbage cans.

The BearSaver line of bins, as what its name suggests, protects the garbage from being scavenged by hungry stray bears. These bins are surely perfect for camping grounds and national parks. The bears are not the only animals that will not be able to reach the bins; these bins are protected from dogs, coyotes and other known animals too. This choice of trash cans is indeed convenient for local governments, as well as for residents who just want to keep there are clean and green, without the need to clean up after the mess that wild animals make.

These animal-proof bins are the number one choice of people from Yellowstone, Sequoia. And now, these bins are gaining popularity all over United States, and are known to be placed on several parks and similar public places where bears and wild animals are a common problem. And today, people can make an order online, through trash-cans.com, allowing them to purchase the bins for the factory price. That is surely awesome, and people can save a pretty big amount of money, compared to buying the bins from local stores and the like.

Aside from the top of the line quality, what people like most about the BearSaver trash cans is the variety of options. Interested customers can actually choose the shape, size and color of the bins. There is definitely one thing out there that can perfectly meet a person’s needs. The bins are not only for outdoor or commercial use, this can also be good for home use. It’s ideal for those living in rural places, where wild animals come and go. The price of each bin is indeed worth every penny spent.