Handling Medical Waste with the Help of Securr

The proper handling of medical waste is essential. Not only are there laws and regulations that need to be adhered to, but poorly managed medical waste can create health hazards for health care workers, patients, waste handlers and anyone else who might come in contact with the waste. At Securr Trash, we offer a variety of medical waste products to help keep your workplace or business safe while also being in compliance with all ADA guidelines.

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste is anything that is created when diagnosing, treating or immunizing people or animals. It can also be the waste that is created when researching and testing biological products. As such, medical waste is divided into four broad categories:

  • Infectious Waste: waste that could potential cause infections in humans, such as blood soaked bandages, cultures, human or animal tissue, discarded surgical gloves and stocks. Some items in this category may also be considered pathological waste, which is waste that either contains pathogens or may contain pathogens. This waste has to be treated using specific methods.
  • Hazardous Waste: Waste that can infect humans in a non-infectious way, including needles, syringes, discarded surgical instruments, culture dishes and other glassware. It can also include chemicals. Some hazardous waste may also be considered infectious waste depending upon how it was used and whether or not it was exposed to human or animal tissue prior to being discarded.
  • Radioactive Waste: Waste that results from cancer therapies, nuclear medicine treatments and medical equipment that uses radioactive isotopes. Pathological waste that has been contaminated with radioactive material is treated as radioactive waste.
  • Other General Waste: Waste that is no different from general household or office waste, such as plastics, paper and liquids. The majority of waste produced at medical facilities falls into this category.

Handling Waste With Securr Sharps and Pharmaceutical Medical Waste Containers

Securr Sharps and Pharmaceutical medical waste containers are ADA-compliant and ideal for use in hospitals, police and fire stations, pharmacies and retail outlets. Models are available for indoor and outdoor use, Securr’s medical waste kiosks offer a number of attractive features. These include an easy-to-use rotating chute door that prevents access to items after they have been deposited. The door can also be locked once the unit is full in order to prevent overfilling. The inner chute door is also constructed of stainless steel, while the back features a portal for easy viewing. Securr’s medical waste containers are also available in a variety of color options, including white and red.

The Destruction of Medical Waste

After medical waste has been collected in the proper waste container, it may be disposed of in a variety of ways. In the past, the waste was incinerated. Today, medical waste may be treated through steam sterilization, irradiation or chemical disinfection. Once it is decontaminated it is usually put in landfills along with other waste. Despite these alternative options, approximately 90 percent of medical waste is still incinerated at the approximately 2,400 medical waste incinerators located throughout the country.

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