Homeland Security Compliant Trash Can Helps Protect Americans


Clear Receptacles Eliminate Potential Terrorist Target

Securr is a corporation that has long been recognized as a leader when it comes to solving problems connected to the temporary storage of wastes and materials destined for a recycling center.  Recognizing the need for safety in high traffic, public transportation stations, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an order that required protective measures be taken by passenger rail operatives.

A moment’s reflection will reveal the nature of the problem.  Transit centers are what is known as a target rich environment for terrorists meaning that are many potential victims to be exploited through some sort of attack.  When considering the nature of what type of attack might occur, the possibility of a bomb, incendiary device, or biological agent or nerve gas come quickly to mind.  The question then becomes, where would such a device easily be planted in a station?  Trash cans provide a ready solution.  Few people take notice of what people place into waste receptacles.  They are virtually ubiquitous at such sites.

The DHS recently issued a press release that states, “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb resistant containers.  Securr has stepped up to this challenge by designing user and maintenance friendly Homeland Security compliant trash and recycling containers.  They recognize that a removal of waste containers is simply not a viable option at transit centers.  There are simply too many people who purchase snacks and liquid refreshments while waiting for their train to arrive.  They are often forbidden from taking these materials with them when they board the train.  They must therefore have a place to dispose of these products.

Solutions Made Simple by Securr Products

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