Homeland Security Trash Cans Provide Additional Safety to the Public

Busy public spaces such as train, bus and subway stations have become recent targets of terrorist bombings.  In response to this outbreak, the Department of Homeland Security has worked to devise a plan to provide additional safety to the public by suggesting the use of DHS compliant trash cans and recycle bins.

Terrorists looking for a quick place to plant a bomb have often used trash cans as their hiding place.  Typical trash cans provide the cover the terrorist needs in order to hide the bomb from detection.  As such, the DHS is strongly advising that operators of these stations remove outdated trash cans and replace them with clear or bomb-resistant cans.  These cans will help to keep the public safe by making their contents known and providing a level of security if they do explode.

Securr Trash Cans

Securr, located in Southern California, is a quality manufacturer and distributor of Homeland Security trash cans.  They offer a range of trash cans that give customers the best in terms of reliability, durability and flexibility.  These cans are made with reinforced materials, and meet the requirements for DHS trash cans.  In addition, they keep animals away and are easy to use and maintain.

High Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance when producing trash cans that will be implemented to help improve public safety.  The DHS conducts testing on products, and they rank the Securr range of Homeland Security receptacles as one of the highest quality trash cans.  Customers echo this sentiment, and Securr has become a leader in DHS compliant trash cans.


Securr trash cans are manufactured using galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosion, keeping these cans virtually rust free.  They are not susceptible to corrosion and can wear well in high-traffic situations, such as those found on busy station platforms and waiting areas.  This makes Securr cans highly durable, even in the most extreme situations.

Well Crafted

Knowing that they have customers across the United States, Securr has fabricated their cans to withstand the corrosive effects of snowy climates with their salted streets and side walks.  The engineering method includes a cold spray galvanizing process, stainless steel hinges and a powder coat that is UV resistant.

Easy Maintenance

Securr trash cans offer interchangeable parts, so if the receptacle is damaged in any way you will not need to replace the entire unit.  The side panels, the swing out bag rack and the tops are all easily replaceable, making maintenance a breeze.

Clear Panels

To further increase the security of the cans, the clear-sided panels come in two thicknesses.  The most popular is the thicker polycarbonate panels, which are 30 times more impact resistant than acrylic.  The lower cost thinner panels are easily replaceable in case of damage.  Either way, the clear panels will help safeguard the public by making sure all the contents of the can are easily seen through the panels.

Installing Homeland Security trash cans in busy public spaces helps provide a layer of protection for innocent bystanders, helping to thwart any potential safety risks to the public.