Hospitals Save Money with Securr Medical Waste Disposal Products

Securr Medical Waste Receptical

The Securr Corporation has been involved in all aspects of waste management working to ensure both safe disposal of wastes and the recycling of products where applicable. Nowhere is the safe disposal of waste material more critical than in the field of health care. Hospitals in particular are required to comply with all sorts of regulations regarding disposal of medical wastes. That is why so many of them have come to rely on receptacles obtained through Securr.

Made from galvanealed steel, Securr products have great strength and durability. This process combines the great strength of cold, rolled steel with the corrosion resistant qualities of galvanized steel. With Securr’s method, the material can be finished with a powder surface to which paint will readily adhere. This allows a firm to convert its trash receptacles into advertisements of sorts by placing a company or other product logo onto the side panels. Custom art work of this sort or laser cutting of images into the surface can be ordered by calling 1-888-671-7066. An expert at waste disposal will discuss what needs you have and how to fill them.

Since hospitals employ many such receptacles, they will often have them decorated in some fashion with the name of the facility. They will also save money by buying in bulk. Securr offers discounts on large orders. The chief concern of such facilities must be safety. When dealing with medical wastes the word to keep in mind is caution.

Select the Right Receptacle

All Securr products are durable. They are fashioned from high grade materials using the latest in technology to ensure the manufacturing process yields a product that is free from defect and that will last many years. The waste kiosks that it manufactures specifically for medical waste feature a host of security features.

The loading system for waste kiosks of this sort is through a chute at the top of the bin. This design ensures that no contact can be made with the materials within through this aperture. The materials drop

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into a sturdy plastic liner which holds 38 gallons. The only way to remove the contents is to unlock the side door with a key. The liner within swings out for easy removal. Units for use with Sharps have a single lock and key while those that are meant to house pharmaceuticals use dual keys and two locks which make them the most secure sort available.

These sorts of receptacles are designed for use indoors and present a pleasing appearance. They can be ordered in a variety of colors. Securr allows customers to order direct from the factory which helps to lower costs and ensures customers that they are getting exactly what they want.

Securr offers a wide range of products in the following categories.

  • Animal-proof trash cans
  • Billboard trash and recycling receptacles
  • Collection cans
  • Custom-designed waste receptacles
  • Garbage carts
  • Indoor waste receptacles
  • Medical kiosks
  • Out-of-home advertising waste bins
  • Outdoor trash cans and recycling bins