How Green is Your Child’s School Cafeteria?

School Cafeteria

Out of all the areas of a school, the cafeteria by far generates the most waste. But with a few easy steps, schools can make changes that will make lunchtime more environmentally friendly. How many of these does your school already do?

Recycling Obviously, in an ideal world every cafeteria would have separate bins for all areas of recyclables, from plastic to paper to juice pouches.

Composting Think of all the food kids throw away every day! Now imagine if it all went into a compost bin to be used in a school garden.

Waste Free Lunches Parents can help reduce waste by packing

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lunches with a little more thought. Also, having kids bring home uneaten food will help parents figure out just how much their child realistically eats every day.

Forming committees and putting kids in charge will help them not only learn about the benefits of their behavior, but also teach them leadership and organizational skills.

Check out what the Portland Public Schools did!