HS155R-CS Homeland Security Compliant Trash Can

Clear Sided Receptacle Aids in Security

Securr is a company that has long been renowned as a leader in coming up with innovative solutions to any problems involved in waste management and the safe disposal of unwanted trash.  The company’s latest product the HS155R-CS is the latest proof of that.  This clear sided receptacle has been produced to meet the need for having waste receptacles in public areas be more secure from becoming unwitting points to commit terrorist acts.

High traffic areas such as public transit stations rank high on the list of spots that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers as sites that are likely to receive unwanted attention from terrorists.  The DHS has issued a directive which requires that protective measures be employed at such sites to guard against terrorist attack.  One possible weak point at these places is the waste receptacles used there.  To quote from a DHS press release, “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles except clear plastic or bomb resistant containers.”

The Securr Guardian Series are the most corrosion resistant and durable products of this type that may be found on the market today.  They are clear sided and have a 55 gallon capacity.

Variety of Places Require Such Devices

A number of locations would find benefit from use of this type of receptacle.  A list would include the following:

  • Commuter Rail Systems
  • Subway Systems
  • Airports
  • Bus Stations
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Government Buildings

This sort of receptacle employs the only side opening door system to be found on the market today.  Instead of removing the contents through the top, they come out through the side which eliminates the possibility of costly back injury.  The receptacles make use of clear polycarbonate panels to provide full visibility of the contents.

Innovative Solution to Real Problem

The lowly trash can is often overlooked when it comes to assessing the security threat.  Therein lies the problem.  No one thinks anything of people putting something into the trash.  What better place in which to insert a bomb or some other menacing device?  Waste receptacles are necessary items at such high traffic public places as a subway station.  People are often forbidden from boarding a train with opened containers of food or beverages, and they often purchase such materials while waiting for the train.  They need a place to throw away the wrappers and whatever food and beverages remain.

The HS155R-CS is an ideal solution to the dilemma.  It contains a unique swing out bag rack.  The receptacle has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The durability of this product is ensured by using high grade materials and finishes fabricated to exacting standards.  The receptacles will stand up to hard use in harsh environments for many years.

Securr products are made with interchangeable parts.  If a panel is cracked or damaged in any way, it can easily be replaced.  There is no need to throw the entire unit away.  This can result in substantial savings over the years especially by customers who have the need to order multiple items.