HS245-Advert Trash Can By Securr for Extra Revenue

Catchy Cans Capture Notice

Securr is a trusted name when it comes to selecting products designed for the safe disposal of wastes and storage of recyclable materials.  The company has long prided itself on innovative solutions to waste management, and now it is encouraging people to view waste receptacles as a possible source for the display of advertising material.

Rubbish bins and recycling cans need no longer be just a place for disposing of trash.  There is now a new age of advertising known as “out of home advertising,” which employs non traditional sources to get a message across.  Trash cans and recycling bins have become an important medium to display advertising of this sort.

Securr has developed a number of trash cans and recycling bins that are suitable for advertising of this sort.  Securr containers are durable and attractive.  They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.  Advertisements on trash cans and recycling bins get noticed and hence promote a product while the containers continue to perform their primary function of waste storage.

Care and Consideration Given to Making these Ads Work

Securr spent a good deal of time considering the best options to use in making advertisements for its containers.  The ad size for instance must be proportional to the can.  An ad that is too small will fail to be noticed.  Too large an ad can produce a feeling of annoyance that will be counter productive to the ad’s intent.

The advertising cans at Securr come in a wide variety of sizes.  The customer can select which size best suits their needs and conforms to the space requirements where it will be placed.

Customers are urged to give careful consideration to the amount of use a receptacle receives.  A trash can that is frequently overflowing with rubbish will defeat the purpose of any ad placed upon it.  Consider also how often you want to have to empty the container.  The smaller the capacity, the more frequently it will have to be emptied.

Products Long Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Securr advertising trash cans are designed for outdoor use.  They are attractive and durable in nature.  They come in such colors as forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.  They are fashioned from high quality materials manufactured to the highest standards.  Parts of Securr products are interchangeable and easily replaced.  If a panel becomes cracked or damaged in some fashion, a replacement part will easily take its place.  There will be no need to replace the entire unit.

Securr products are designed for long life.  They have frames made from galvanealed steel which has the corrosion resistance of galvanized metal, but with the added capability of providing a surface that can receive paint and decals.  Securr is able to accommodate custom orders and can paint or laser cut company logos and other details onto the surface of its containers.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with an expert in the field.  They will be happy to help you with any waste management issue.