HS35IR-CS Securr Homeland Security Trash Can

Securr is among the few trash can companies that provide high quality products entirely recyclable. These are part of the DHS or Department of Homeland Security series of products and ought to be your first option if you are looking for something durable, extra-resistant and with a nice appearance. Our first choice is the HS35IR-CS Securr Homeland Security Trash Can made entirely from corrosion resistant steel, which does not rust and copes very well with all environmental conditions. Likewise, the HS35IR-CS is extremely persistent.

General Presentation of the HS35IR-CS Securr Homeland Security Trash Can

The producers have been using steel hinges and a powder coat that is resistant to UV rays and does not suffer any side effects at high temperatures. Therefore, you will be able to get full use of these products for a long time. And, in case they are abused, the top part and the side panels can be replaced easily. For additional protection, the side panels available at DHs are very thick and resist quite well if misused. The most popular model is the thicker one made of Makloron polycarbonate. This is 30 times hardier than acrylic, is not easily inflammable and features unique UV proprieties.  Still, if you are looking for something qualitative, but at a more accessible price, you should opt for a thinner model.

The DHS Products from Securr

What is more, the DHS products have been extremely popular since Securr released them on the market because they meet the clients’ needs. They are an effective solution which follows exactly all the protective measures imposed by passenger rail operators. The line itself was designed accordingly to the main requirements regarding security and maintenance, being recycling compliant at the same time.

Also, if you are looking for something durable and extremely resistant, you should definitively opt for the Securr Guardian Series. They are made of high-quality materials, strong metals and cope well with exterior factors. For instance, the HS35IR-CS is a model that has been used successfully in airports, railways, subway systems, commuter rail systems, cruise ship terminals, stadiums and arenas and even government buildings.

These fantastic containers have been designed to blend well with different types of environment. Currently, they are the only products on the market with opening side doors in order for the content to be removed for the side and prevent any sort of injuries or accidents from occurring. Likewise, they utilize polycarbonate and the content is entirely visible.

There’s a lot more to Securr products than meets the eye. A list of products from where you can choose the type that you like best can be found on the trash-cans.com official website.