HS45 Advertising Outdoor Trash Can by Securr

Overlooked Source for Promotional Materials

Securr is the company connected with finding innovative approaches to the need for storing unwanted waste and materials for recycling.  Its trash cans and recycling bins are regarded as being the most durable items found on the market today.  Securr is currently promoting the notion that waste receptacles can be a good source for ad placement.  The HS45 model is an example of the type of can well suited to receive advertising.  It has plastic panels made from styrene on a powder coated steel frame.  The unit has an outdoor top and a large storage capacity.

Securr’s outdoor advertising trash cans and recycling bins are constructed of durable corrosion resistant materials.  They use heavy gauge galvanealed steel that has been cold forged and rolled for added strength in fabricating the frames.  The galvanealed metal gains the same sort of corrosion resistant properties as with galvanized metal, but they have the added benefit of being able to receive a powder finish.  This means the surface can be painted or accept vinyl decals.  Because Securr designs and manufactures all of its products at its Ontario, CA production plant, it can work with customers to customize orders.  It is possible for clients to work with Securr technicians to have their orders individualized.  They can request that company logos, ads, or other decorative elements be added to the panels on trash cans and recycling bins.  Because of the quality of materials used and the high standards of manufacturing, Securr products will stand up to years of heavy use in harsh environments.

Cost Saving Efforts Produce Savings for Customers

The side panels used on Securr trash cans and recycling bins have channels for accepting the panels on which ads may be placed.  They can be changed in the field in a matter of seconds.  Components on Securr products are interchangeable.  If a part becomes cracked or damaged, it can easily be replaced.  There is no need to get rid of the entire unit.  This can result in considerable savings for firms that use large numbers of waste receptacles or recycling bins.

The HS45 model has a capacity of 45 gallons.  This means that the contents can be quite heavy when the can is full and needs emptying.  Receptacles of this sort from other manufacturers are emptied from the top.  This can result in expensive back injuries when a heavy bag has to be lifted through the top.  No such danger lurks in Securr products which empty from the side.  The liner bags swing out for easy removal and replacement.

Securr products present a pleasing appearance and are built to last for many years.  They can be ordered in a variety of colors such as forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.

Securr welcomes custom orders.  It can fashion ads for its products or have company logos placed on panels.  Another option is to have such emblems laser cut into the surface.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with a qualified technician about whatever problems you may have with storage of trash or recycling materials.