HS55IW-L-PS Securr Guardian Trash Can

Looking for a pretty cool trash can? There is one thing recommended by most of the people these days and it is called as the Securr Guardian trash can and recycle bin. The specific model is HS55IW. It is believed to be the most durable out of the trash can choices available in the market these days. It is corrosion resistant, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The frames are made up of galvanized steel and coated in UV resistant powder. A single trash can will surely last for a long time, no matter how harsh the environment is.

People like the Guardians series waste receptacles because the side panels are interchangeable. These can easily be changed since these are bolt in. For replacements in case of unwanted damages, only the side panels will be removed. This is actually better since it prevents buying a whole new trash can. There are many available options for the panels, with different styles and colors. There is always a panel that can meet exactly what a person needs. People can choose from powder-coated steel, clear polycarbonate, stainless steel perforated, solid stainless steel, custom laser cut designs and so much more. Who would have thought that Securr offers these much options just for a trash can? Aside from that, for powder-coated panels, one may choose to have the two-tone look or the plain choice. Some of the available color options are fir green, black, olive green, sky blue and brown, all perfect for a trash can that can either be for home use or commercial use.

The tops of the trash cans can be replaced too. People can pick between the indoor or outdoor recycling styles, depending on their needs. For those who want to prevent back injuries from opening the lid on top, there is also a model that allows people to open the can with the use of the side doors. Contents can be removed through the side, making it more convenient for others.

All of you might think that this can be too flashy for a trash can, after all, who needs a fancy trash can anyway? However, getting better-looking items for a waste receptacle can be quite pleasing for people. And besides, everyone can get their Securr trash can for a really reasonable price, even lower compared to the plain ones being offered off the market. It is more advisable to choose the best looking options out there, and when it comes to trash cans, Securr offers the finest options. There is no doubt about that.

The HS55IW-L-PS model can accommodate as much as 55 gallons of trash; this is perfect for huge families, as well as for commercial use. It stands at 39 and weighs around 139. The quality of this trash can is definitely exemplary and most of the people who have already made their purchase are never disappointed. In fact, they highly recommend the use of the bin. Only Securr knows how to make a quality bin, so, look no further and buy your very own Guardian Securr trash can.