Locking Features Needed in Waste Bins

Waste Materials Gaining Value

Recycling programs are growing in popularity. Almost every community of any size will have some sort of recycling program underway. While people often donate the materials to these centers, it is becoming increasingly common to offer cash payments for materials that are brought in. The prices that are paid can make it worthwhile to collect cans, bottles, and other materials for reuse. This has become a reliable if still small source of income for homeless people. They can be seen picking through dumpsters for cans, bottles, and other materials that can be exchanged for cash.

More professional types in this field will often concentrate on the recycling of metals that bring a higher price. Copper in particular will command prices of more than a dollar a pound. This has led to wire stripping in many homes that have been abandoned due to the recent spate of foreclosures. People have also come to realize there is much valuable material within the recycling bins themselves. The collection of the materials has already been done. All one needs to do is remove them and take them to another collection center.

For this reason, it is important that such collection bins contain a locking system that prevents theft of this sort. Such a system will insure that the material remains where it belongs. These containers are often found in large parking lots where they are left unguarded through the night. It can provide an

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attractive target for thieves who simply drive up and begin emptying the contents. Even if a police car does happen to drive by and see the theft, it can be hard for the officer to determine whether contents are being removed or put in. Locks are the only real deterrent for this.

Limits Liability as well

A proper locking system will reduce the risk of liability should anyone be injured in connection with using the waste bin. Securr Trash Cans is a company that understands the needs for such systems. Securr carries a wide range of both trash cans and recycling bins. Securr offers a number of these sorts of bins that make use of locking systems. They even offer ones that are animal proof for use in areas with wildlife. This can be of particular importance in areas where there are bears or raccoons. Both of these animals are adept at breaking into trash receptacles where they know and can smell that food waste is present.

Securr features containers in many sizes and colors. They seek to fill all the niches there are in the area of waste containment. All of their products are durable and competitively priced. They are actively engaged in the field of recycling. That is why they have taken the lead in developing locking systems for recycling bins. They realize that keeping such materials properly in place until they can be sent to a reprocessing center is the key to making recycling programs a success. If thefts rise, people could sour on the effort.