Locking Trash Cans By Securr Keeps Trash Secure

Securr locking trash and recycling receptacles protect you investment

Locking Trash Cans By Securr Keeps Trash Secure

The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your trash is securely locked in place and out of reach of vandals. No matter what your business, trash receptacles are targeted for identity theft, medical or pharmaceutical waste, and industrial secrets. Other cans may attract wild animals or be in the way of adverse weather. Securr makes locking trash cans and bins that protect the contents and also keep the receptacle securely in place.

A locking trash receptacle may protect you from the potential liability of someone being hurt by an unsecured trash bin or its contents. Regardless of whether the injury is as a result of accident or vandalism, having a secure, locked bin will help you avoid the potential legal problems that may ensue.

Locking Mechanisms

Securr not only manufactures trash bins that lock the contents inside the bin, they also make models that lock the receptacle to its location. A variety of locking devices are available, including uncomplicated locking hasps and keyed locks. For customer with multiple trash or recycling bins we offer containers with matching keys. For customers with bins in wildlife accessible locations, an animal-proof bin to meet your needs will be found in our BearSaver product line.

Quality Workmanship Quality Price

Securr trash and recycling receptacles are constructed at the Securr manufacturing plant in Ontario, California and sold directly to the public. Our designers utilize the most current computer-aided design (CAD) software programs to create high-quality designs that Securrs computer numerical controlled (CNC) manufacturing equipment translates into quality products. What this means to the consumer is that products are created quickly with precision and efficiency that directly translates into a high-quality product for less money.

Finding the Right Waste Receptacle

Since Securr manufactures its own receptacles, they have customer service experts on  hand to assist in the selection of the correct bins to meet your requirements. All types of cans are available from their Website at Trash-Cans.com or a representative will help you select the right product over the phone at 1-888-671-7066. Choices include cans that are animal proof, have advertising billboards, indoor and outdoor waste receptacles, trash and recycling bins, medical kiosks, garbage carts and even custom-designed products to meet your specifications.