Logo Trash Cans Direct from the Manufacturer HS35OR-L-P

Looking for a new, creative way to get your company or organization logo out to the public?  Think you’ve exhausted all the ways to prominently display your company name in public spaces?  Have you thought about utilizing the marketing space available on top-of-the-line trash cans and recycling bins?

Securr,  a manufacturer and distributor of quality waste receptacles located in Southern California, has the capability to custom manufacture and ship to you trash cans and recycle bins in a wide array of styles.  They use state of the art computer software to design their products, and they have been an industry leader for many years.

Attractive and Durable

Securr prides itself on bringing you quality products, and their line of Guardian recycling receptacles is no exception.  These decorative containers come in 35 or 55 gallon sizes, can take a beating, and are ADA compliant.  They are an excellent choice in situations where both practicality and aesthetics are important.  These cans are made from recycled materials that are resistant to corrosion, making them very earth friendly.  They’ll secure the contents and offer you years of maintenance-free reliability.

Securr offers the only doors on the market that open on the side, making it easy to get at the contents and avoid costly and painful back injuries.  The can comes with a removable plastic liner, making for easy disposal.  The exterior of the can is manufactured using the best possible finishes and materials, to ensure you’ll have this can for many years.

Freedom to Customize

Since Securr not only distributes these excellent receptacle but also manufactures them, you can choose from a variety of options to suit your needs.  Multiple panel options are available, including powdered coated colors, solid stainless steel or perforated stainless steal.  All types of panels are available on either size can.

Have your company logo laser cut into the metal side panel attached to the container.  Set it off with a contrasting color on the back panel for an exceptional visual effect.  Your logo will be custom cut in Securr’s manufacturing plant, ensuring quality and quick service.  You can also choose to create a high-grade vinyl decal of your logo to affix to the side panel of the can.  These are available in any shape, size or color you can dream up, and are easily replaceable in case they’re damaged.

Cans come in a variety of standard colors including fir green, black, olive green, sky blue and brown.  Custom colors are also available.

Direct from Manufacturer Saves Hassle and Money

You don’t have to hassle with choosing among a variety of trash can manufacturers – Securr does it all for you.  All cans are custom designed and created in their Ontario, California factory, saving you money by keeping out the middleman.

Securr uses the latest technology to design high quality products, and they are able to produce new products quickly and precisely.

By choosing a great product from Securr, you’ll not only have the peace of mind that comes with dealing directly with the manufacturer, you’ll also have a great new marketing tool to boot!