Medical Disposal and Waste is Secured with Securr Trash Cans

Special Containers for Unique Hazards

Securr is the leading manufacturer of receptacles for wastes and for recycling bins.  The Securr Corporation prides itself at remaining at the forefront of issues relating to the safe disposal of unwanted wastes.  The medical services industry has specialized needs in this regard.  Many of the waste products they generate through their practices present dangers to health and public safety.  Items such as used hypodermic needles can produce puncture wounds that will transmit serious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.  Other products such as blood and other bodily fluids may also contain harmful pathogens.  The drugs employed in healthcare are also a threat when used improperly and must be disposed of in a manner that prevents injury and ill health.

The proper storage and disposal of these sorts of medical waste is an essential element of complying with mandated regulations designed to protect public health and safety.  Medical facilities are also concerned that receptacles devoted to such disposal present an attractive appearance so as not to upset or cause distress to patients.  Securr has developed a number of products designed to do exactly that.  They allow medical facilities to remain well organized and fully functional.  There are receptacles designed to hold sharps or used needles and others that are designed to store used pharmaceuticals.

Waste Products Safely Stored with These Receptacles

Securr products are fashioned from galvanealed steel which has the corrosion resistant quality of galvanized steel with the added benefit of being able to accept a powder finish.  Such a surface is ideal for the application of paint and decals.  Since Securr manufactures all of its products at a production facility in Ontario, CA, it is able to add custom features to any order,  Company logos or design details may be painted onto receptacles or vinyl decals of any size, color, or shape can be added to container panels.  By calling 1-888-671-7066, you may speak with a qualified technician who can advise how to customize an order to whatever specification suits your need.

Securr medical trash containers and waste receptacles are very durable and attractive.  Their pleasing appearance makes them suitable for office settings.  They can be ordered in a variety of colors including forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.

Lock and Key System Keeps Materials Safe

Securr medical waste receptacles have a 38 gallon capacity.  They have a top loading chute system that prevents anyone from reaching their hand in and coming into contact with the material inside the can.  The only way to obtain access to the contents is by unlocking the side door which acts as the means for emptying the contents of the container.

The container for sharps has a single lock and key system while the receptacle for holding discarded pharmaceuticals employs a dual lock and key system for an even higher level of security.  Both units feature disposable liners which can be pulled out through the side doors.  These allow for easy and safe disposal.