Medical Waste Kiosks Prevent Accidents

Keeping medical and pharmaceutical companies clean and secure is a top concern for those in the industry.  In order to keep your facility spotless and in compliance with local and federal safety regulations, it is essential to have proper storage and disposal systems in place for medical waste.  Not only will this prevent unforeseen accidents and protect the health and safety of workers and patients, it will also keep your building well organized, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Where to Find Medical Waste Kiosks

Securr, a company based in Southern California that manufactures and distributes all manner of trash cans and recycle bins, has a line of medical and pharmaceutical kiosks that will keep your facility compliant, accident free and looking good.  Their inventory includes everything from trash cans for needles and other sharps to bins for the disposal of medications and various pharmaceuticals.

Safety is the Top Priority

Securr medical trash cans and waste containers are made to be sturdy and attractive.  Constructed of corrosion resistant steel, these cans will stand the test of time and are a great investment for any medical facility. The steel is cold-rolled and covered with a galvanized coating, which gives the receptacle the added benefit of exceptional adhesion of powder coated finishes.

These kiosks come equipped with loading doors that function like chutes so that anything can be placed inside safely and easily and kept out of the reach of others.  Secured with a lock, medical waste cannot be removed unless the kiosk is unlocked and the liner is taken out.  Liners can be securely transported to a disposal site once the lid is safely fastened.

These bins can handle a big load, holding up to 38 gallons of medical waste.  They are designed to give your facility years of coverage and peace of mind.  By safely storing your medical waste, you are effectively preventing accidents from occurring in your building.

Which Container Suits Your Needs

Choose a container that will best protect you from accidents caused by the improper disposal of medical wastes.  There are specialized kiosks for both sharps and for pharmaceuticals.  Sharps kiosks feature one lock for added security, so that no one can easily steal any of the contents.

If you are disposing of pharmaceutical waste, you need to step up your safety precautions in order to prevent any unfortunate accidents that may occur if those drugs fall into the wrong hands.  Pharmaceutical kiosks come with the added protection of two locks, so that only those with the highest clearance are able to dispose of its contents.

If you own, operate or work in a medical facility, it is important that you take proactive steps to help prevent accidents that can occur when medical and pharmaceutical waste is not properly disposed of.  By installing medical waste kiosks, you’ll be providing a strong line of defense in your fight against unnecessary accidents, all while keeping your facility looking clean, professional and inviting.