Medical Waste Recepticles Keep Public Safe

Consideration Given to Medical Waste Regulations

More and more firms have to deal with medical wastes. Care must be taken in how such materials are disposed of. Because of the problems such discards can poise to public

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health, a wide variety of rules and regulations have been developed by government at several levels to insure that the products do not come in contact with the public at large.

There is also a concern for the safety of workers who have to handle trash of this sort. Dangerous diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS can be transmitted through puncture wounds by contaminated needles. There is also the possibility of cuts from glassware. This type of accident becomes all the more dangerous when the glass has held dangerous substances including a wide variety of medical wastes.

The Securr Corporation has a wide variety of products designed to contain medical wastes. The products have been built to conform to all the standards now being applied to the disposal of medical wastes. These containers are built of durable materials. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. It is possible to have company logos and other materials embossed on the sides. Custom orders can be placed by calling 1 888 671 7066. Discounts are available for large orders. Operators are available to advise on all matters related to waste disposal.

Companies that elect to use Securr Corporation containers for their medical wastes will find that they present a pleasing appearance. Their stylish look helps to maintain the appearance of a professional audience. Their high gloss finish will enhance the look of the space where they are set.

Trash Cans Built with High Quality Material

Galvanealed steel is used in the medical waste containers sold by the Securr Corporation. The loading chutes provide an easy, safe method for disposing of medical wastes. These chutes are fashioned from stainless steel. The containers have locking capabilities. The more secure variety features a dual lock key system to provide the highest level of security.

Models are available that are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. All have durable finishes that will last for many years. The containers will come with inner plastic liners that can only be removed after the receptacle is unlocked. The plastic storage bags within can be easily and safely removed. They will provide an efficient container for transporting the wastes to a disposal site.

There are specific sorts of containers for use with Sharps. These are items such as discarded needles that have the ability to produce puncture wounds. There are special regulations governing the disposal of used needles which Securr has aimed to overcome.

There are also specific concerns about the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals. People have been known to foolishly ingest pills and other products pulled out of the trash. This can have such disastrous consequences that it becomes imperative to take preventive measures that will not allow these products to come into contact with the public. Securr has the means to do so.