MW01-S or MW01-P Waste Kiosk Medical Disposal by Securr Trash Cans

Safe Disposal Assured

The Securr Corporation has long been committed to finding the best solutions for both waste disposal and recycling no matter the material to be dealt with or the site where the waste product resides.  The problems in dealing with medical wastes are well known and constitute a public concern.  Such wastes are often highly dangerous and have the potential to spread disease.  In addition to contaminated specimens and other bodily fluids which may contain infectious virus and bacteria, there are also discarded needles and glassware that pose the threat of puncture wounds.  Serious disease can be transmitted through such type of contact.

The MSW01- and MW01-P Waste Kiosks are two receptacles designed specifically to store medical wastes until they can be safely disposed of.  These are heavy duty units built to withstand the most rigorous sorts of use in harsh environments.  At the same time, they are pleasing enough in appearance to warrant their use in professional offices.  Both these units are fully ADA compliant.

These two receptacles both employ a chute type entrance that prevents any contact by the user with the materials contained within.  The unwanted material simply slips through the chute and falls into the sturdy plastic liner inside.  It is impossible to reach down through the top to access the contents.

Securr employs galvanealed steel into its frames for extra hardness and strength.  This alloy has all the strength of cold, rolled steel while retaining the corrosion resistance properties of galvanizing.  By this method the surface is suitable for a powder finish onto which paint and decals can be laid.

Special Orders Welcome

The Securr Corporation works with clients to create the ideal receptacle for use.  They can do custom work painting logos onto surfaces or laser cutting designs into surface.  Call 1-8888-671-7066 to speak with a technician.  They will be happy to assist with whatever your waste disposal needs are.

The MSW01- and MW01-P models both have a sturdy liner with a capacity of 38 gallons.  These liners can easily be removed to provide safe transit of the wastes they hold.

A key is required to unlock and empty these models.  This ensures that the contents do not come in contact with any unauthorized personnel.  The MX01-S is designed with use of Medical Sharps in mind where the chief danger is a puncture wound from a discarded needle.  This model employs a single lock and key format.  The MW01-P is designed to house pharmaceutical waste.  It has two keys for two locks affording an even higher level of security.

The Securr Corporation will continue to seek upgrades on all of its products.  In the area of medical wastes, standards must be set at a very high level.  The threat to public safety that medical waste can pose is of such magnitude that vigilance is required.  Securr will continue to manufacture components for use that are fashioned from high quality materials fabricated to exacting standards.  These are products you can trust.