MW01-S or MW01-P Waste Kiosk Medical Waste Container

Keep Medical Waste Safely Stored

The Securr Corporation has been a leader in developing systems for the safe storage of waste products.  Proper disposal of waste products is increasingly being seen as an issue of public safety.  This is all the more the case in connection to the storage and proper disposal of medical waste.  To this end, the Securr Corporation is featuring two containers devoted to storage of medical wastes, the MW01-S and the MW02-P.

These are Sharps Kiosks that comply with ADA regulations that govern disposal of potentially dangerous waste.  They are extremely durable products.

The chute style opening through which discards pass allows for simple means to put discards into the container.  At the same time, it prevents anyone from reaching inside to remove any of the contents. Such an occurrence could lead to a possible puncture wound as a hand came into contact with a discarded needle.  Such an accident would pose the danger of possible transmission of such serious disease as AIDS and hepatitis.  Only someone who has the key to the locking devices can remove the contents from these receptacles.

The MW01-S is specifically designed for the disposal of Sharps.  These will include items such as used needles.  This kind of kiosks has a single lock system.  The MS02-P is designed to be used for the disposal of pharmaceuticals.  This type of container contains twin locks for an even higher level of security.  The threat of theft exists for both these type of products especially from people who have addictions to drugs.

Quality Materials and Construction

The two canisters under discussion are made of galvanealed steel.  This makes them highly resistant to corrosion.  These two models are designed mainly for use indoors.  They are available in a number of colors.  Company logos may be embossed into the receptacle.  Securr accepts custom orders.  Interested parties can call 1 888 671 7066.  Discounts are available for larger orders.

These products have an attractive appearance that is well suited for use in a professional office space.  They are sturdily built and designed to last for many years.  They will keep potentially dangerous medical wastes away from any contact with the public while also allowing for the safe removal of the waste by designated personnel.

The chute opening will keep unwanted hands away from the waste while the keyed lock allows for easy removal of the products by the key holder.  The wastes will be held within a sturdy plastic liner on the inside that will act as a suitable container to transport the wastes to a properly designated disposal site.

The galvanealed steel used in construction has the same sort of corrosion resistant properties as galvanized steel, but it has the added advantage of allowing for greater adherence of finishing surfaces.  The containers therefore are able to be rendered in more fashionable forms.  Powder coating can be applied to these surfaces.  Both of these bins have a capacity of 38 gallons.  Securr has a large line of containers for all disposal needs.