Securr Advertsing Trash Cans Earn Extra Money for Your Community

The Securr Company is already well-known for its qualitative, resistant waste receptacles that function perfectly even in the harshest conditions. The company’s wide line of products is meant for all types of outdoor spaces: parks, public spaces, communities, homes, etc. Ergo, if you want to maintain a certain space clean and secure it from potential vandalism, investing in a qualitative trash can might seem like a sensible decision. Customers will have a plethora of models at their disposal, from where they can choose the type that best matches their budget and preferences.

Introducing the Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR

hs55or-advert-medThe Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR is one of the most recent and modern products that combine all the features that one could desire in a container. It has a removable, powder coated, resistant steel panels, and it includes advertising frames; basic models have a capacity of 55 gallons, thus it’s neither too small nor too big, having the perfect size to fit in a public park or in your backyard. General specifications include:

  • ADA compliant
  • Capacity: between 35 and 55 gallons
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Multiple panel options
  • Attractive general design

Generally speaking, the Securr Standard and Decorative trash cans, both the waste and the recycling ones, have a capacity of 35 to 55 gallons; if you do not have a very wide space at your disposal, you can opt for a trash can with smaller dimensions, which will look just as good, and will also be highly efficient.

The Multiples Uses of the Securr Trash Cans

Likewise, all the containers are ADA complaint; due to their increased durability and nice appearance, they make a fabulous choice and that’s exactly why they’re currently found in numerous towns, airports, schools, bus stations, public institutions, natural reservations and in many other places.

The Securr waste receptacles are made of recycled, corrosion resistant materials, and they are very solid and strong; therefore, they will secure the content from outside threat factors such as vandalism and wild animals. Not to mention that customers will have at their disposal multiple panel options, and these include custom laser cut, perforated stainless steel, solid stainless steel, and powder coated colors.

The waste can be removed from the side panels using the opening doors, and not from the top like in the case of all the other trash cans. This feature is extremely convenient because it prevents back injuries, and the entire process is greatly eased. These miraculous receptacles will remain unchanged even in the harshest environments and you will not have to worry that after a couple of months their exterior aspect will change. The durable materials and resistance to corrosion will maintain the trash cans in perfect condition for years to come.

Customers can order the type of waste receptacle they want from the web, and the bin will be shipped to them from Ontario California. Also the initial price of these containers was of $1,010.00; however, benefit from an amazing discount from Securr and purchase your Securr 55 Gallon Guardian Series- HS55OR for only $768.00.