Securr Bear Saver Trash Cans Keep Campground Clear of Bears

Recognized as one of the most trusted and competent trash can companies out there, Securr’s trash can line of receptacles known as the BearSaver, is used by many parks are wildlife areas. Natural reserves, national parks, and forests where animals run free demand durable recycle bins in order to keep the waste inside and protect the environment.

The animal-proof trash cans manufactured by Securr are available in a wide range of colors, from where municipalities can opt for the ones that best match the surrounding areas. These bins are not just for commercial use, and they can also fit perfectly on people’s properties. If you own a big mansion near a forest or a national park, you might want to consider a trash can from the BearSaver line in order to stay safe.

Introducing the BearSaver

The BearSaver trash cans are available in different shapes and sizes. Although most of them are meant for commercial use, individuals can also purchase these bins for themselves. If you live in areas where bears are free, such a recycle bin will keep the smell away.

The BE1-Y model is among the most popular from the line; it is adaptable and quite easy to use. The loading trash can accommodate a substantial amount of waste, and you can opt for various bin capacities and configurations. The BearSaver model is ADA compliant, it is opened from the back, and it’s perfectly safe to use.

Mechanical specs:

Animal Proof Trash Cans manufactured by Securr

The BearSaver items are extremely practical and rather eye-catching. You can opt for a recycle bin that is decorated with nice laser cut graphics or you can also have it personalized with a distinctive pattern or drawing. Numerous models are included in the line and if you take into consideration the custom made ones, you will see that the options are infinite. The list includes:

  • Custom-design waste receptacles
  • Collection cans
  • Recycling receptacles and billboard trash
  • Animal-proof trash cans
  • Garbage carts
  • Indoor waste receptacles
  • Medical kiosks
  • Outdoor advertising waste bins
  • Outdoor recycling bins and trash cans

Public parks, national reserves, and forests should be protected at all costs. Often times, wild animals have the tendency to look for food in the trash cans and they end up vandalizing the place entirely. The BearSaver line from Securr is extremely durable. Their trash cans are made of the most solid materials, and the customer is at liberty to opt for the color that fits him best. Communities and municipalities are usually considering colors that fit perfectly with the natural habits such as brown and green, but there are other colors available as well.