Securr Book Collection Bins, Clothing Bins by Securr

Special Receptacles Aid in Recycling

Securr is a company that is renowned for taking the lead in solving problems related to the safe storage of waste material.  It has also long been a leader in promoting recycling efforts.  The right sorts of bins are essential components to making a recycling program work.  To that end, Securr has come up with special receptacles both for collecting clothes and books.

The Securr Textile Collection Bin is a sturdily built container made of corrosion resistant material and given a high grade powder coat.  It has a unique theft resistant loading door designed to keep the contents safe and secure by closing itself off.

It features the following points.

  • Corrosion resistant 14 ga. galvaneeled steel
  • Collection Bin is internally reinforced
  • Collection bin has a shrouded and lockable latching mechanism
  • Full Length Stainless Hinges
  • Dual Point locking mechanism
  • Easy to use open chute
  • Unique theft resistant loading chute
  • Can be bolted to the ground
  • Units can be bolted together
  • Smart Bin Capacity Monitoring also available – call for details

Special Bins Ease Operations for Recyclers

While Securr is best known for making trash containers and recycling bins, it also has collections bins designed for specific purposes such as the one for textile collection detailed above.  Another specialty unit is the collection bin Securr makes for books.  This bin is internally reinforced and features a shrouded and lockable latching mechanism.

A loading door provides easy access to the contents without having to strain by lifting the material out through the top.  An optional collection cart can be ordered with the unit.  It fits perfectly inside the bin.  Since the cart rolls, it is ideal for use in a collection bin that collects heavy items such as books.

Regardless of what sort of materials you are interested in collecting, Securr has a product that will suit your needs.  Call them at 1-888-671-7066 to speak with a qualified representative.  They will be able to assist you in resolving all waste management issues.

Company will Customize Orders to Client’s Needs

Since Securr manufactures all of its products at its Ontario, CA production facility, it is able to work with its customers to give them exactly what they need.  Securr containers have frames fashioned from galvanealed steel that has the corrosion resistant properties of galvanized steel with the added benefit of having a surface to which paint and decals readily adhere.  Company logos and other ornamental details thus may be placed on the surface.  It is also possible to laser cut designs into the surface.

Securr containers may be ordered in such colors as forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.  Securr products are remarkably durable, but if a panel becomes cracked or another part becomes damaged, it is easily removed and replaced.  There is no need to buy an entirely new unit.  This can result in substantial savings particularly to the customer who makes use of large numbers of receptacles.  Securr intends to keep fashioning new designs for trash can and recycling bins.