Securr Can Build Custom Trash Containers for Every Purpose


Increasingly more businesses are acknowledging that a waste receptacle is more than a recipient to throw away trash. These bins play a relatively important role in every community considering that a nice, well-chosen container with an inventive logo, and an attractive design, can be a terrific way to protect the environment and advertise a business.

General Uses of the Securr Trash Cans

Securr offers customers the chance to purchase highly-qualitative containers that can easily be customized to their requirements. Each waste receptacle that you purchase from the company can be personalized using laser cut panels, and it can feature any color you desire. All waste containers are sold directly by the company, without using a distributor; therefore, customers will also benefit from an extremely low cost, and they won’t have to pay any additional fees.

Thanks to the in-house fabrication capabilities used by Securr, their products will always exceed the expectations of their customers. All containers have interchangeable parts, and if a receptacle is damaged, you won’t have to buy another one, as you can simply replace the damaged piece with a new one.

Introducing the Guardian Series

Some of the most popular Securr trash cans are the Guardian Series that include resistant littler receptacles, consisting of a lid and a frame; manufactured from galvannealed steel, the bins are extremely durable and they can be easily used for outside purposes as well. Generally speaking, public areas and parks demand resistant trash cans because they must be protected from vandalism.

The Guardian Series Litter Receptacle comes with a side opening door and a standard rigid liner made of plastic. Customers can also ask for a swing-out bag rack free of charge, and the door comes with a stainless steel hinge attached. The construction of the bin is modular, which allows change-out from the side lids and panels. Additionally, these panels come in various styles from where the customer will be at liberty to choose the one that fits him best.

Introducing the Sentinel Series

The Sentinel Series is a line of ADA compliant containers that features numerous side panels fabricated from polycarbonate materials. Similarly, in the case of these two lines of containers, the pieces can be easily changed, in case they break. The container is made from durable, solid materials, being suitable for a wide range of environments, such as public parks, zoos, national parks, and more.

The side opening makes the whole emptying process extremely facile, and all bins come with a modular construction. All panels are meant to meet the requirements of the Homeland Security, and thus they’re made of Makrolon clear polycarbonate. Consequently, there are panels made of perforated stainless steel, stainless steel and powder coated steel.

The hardware, latches, and hinges are all made of zinc and stainless plated steel. Regarding the frames, these are made of corrosion-resistant galvaneealed steel. Both the interior and the exterior of the receptacle are finished with powder coating. These finishes are humidity-resistant and they fight against chemicals and abrasions.

Overall, all trash cans offered by Securr are extremely durable and long lasting. Both the Guardian and the Sentinel Series are extremely dependable, and they’re appropriate for all kinds of outdoor spaces.