Securr Cart Garage for Industrial Applications

Avoid the confusion of finding and buying the right trash cans for your industrial needs.  At Securr, they streamline the process and make it easy for you to find exactly what you need.  They are a one-stop-shop where you can not only find and purchase the trash can you need for your business, but they also design and manufacture them right in their own factory in Ontario, California.

The Cart Garage

Securr not only manufactures and sells quality trash receptacles for homes and businesses, but now they also provide solutions for municipalities.  The Securr Cart Garage is created for those cities that have an automated cart pick up system in place.  They’ve created a poly cart with an appealing cover that can be used on downtown city streets.

The Cart Garage houses most 32 gallon, 2-wheel carts and is made from high quality galvannealed steel.  They are created with an inside deflector to funnel trash into the enclosed bin, and come with interchangeable side panels to create whatever look you’d like.  The container is made of mostly recycled material and is ADA compliant.

Features and Options

The Cart Garage comes with an array of features that make it an attractive and easy-to-use option for municipalities.  For areas with extremely salty and humid climates, a cold galvanizing spray treatment is available to keep rust at bay.  Door panels are interchangeable to avoid replacing entire units, and lock to prevent vandalism.

Cart Garage’s can be bolted together for ease of sorting waste and recycling.  There are anchoring holes in the base of the container and the access door features a rust-proof, durable hinge.  The garage door is also ergonomically designed for quick and safe collection of trash.


There are a wide variety of customization options for the Cart Garage.  Standard sizes are 32 gallon, but they are also available in custom sizes of 65 and 95 gallons.  They come in an array of powder coated colors for the panels and frame including fir green, steel blue, textured black, olive green, sky blue, brown texture, and brown glossy.  They can also custom match any color on the Pantone color chart.

Precision laser-cut logos are available for all four side panels, and premium 3M vinyl decals are available to convey what type of waste or recycling materials belong inside.

About Securr

Securr is not just a distributor, they also manufacture all their waste receptacles right in their own factory in Southern California.  They produce a wide variety of trash cans and recycle bins for many uses both private and commercial.  They even carry a huge selection of animal proof receptacles with their famous BearSaver line.