Securr Cart Garage for Outdoor and Municipal Trash Cans

Device Will Help Keep Streets Cleaner

Securr is a company dedicated to finding solutions to problems involving the storage and disposal of waste materials.  It has taken the lead in promoting recycling as well.  It has now come up with a Cart Garage for storing containers.

Many cities now use an automated cart pick up system.  The equipment is already in place and ready for use.  Securr combined a residential poly cart with an attractive enclosure for use on downtown streets.  The end product is a Cart Garage that is elegant and functional.

The Securr Cart Garage is available in several sizes designed to handle receptacles in the following sizes: 32 gal., 65 gal., and 95 gal.  Each of these sizes may be ordered as solid body units.  They can also be made with different sorts of panels such as a powder coated offsetting color panel, or in stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, and laser cut logos on powder coating.  Poly cart containers are included with the Cart Garage.

Securr Known for Made to Order Policy

All of Securr’s products are made at its manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA.  They are able to customize orders to suit their customer’s exact needs.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with an expert in the field of waste disposal.  The technician will be able to advise you no matter what sort of waste disposal problem you have.  Securr uses the latest in computer software to design products to unique specifications quickly.

The materials used by Securr are of the highest quality.  When combined with highly proficient manufacturing standards they result in products that are attractive and durable.  The frames for Securr trash cans and recycling bin are constructed using galvanealed steel.  This product has the sort of corrosion resistant property of galvanized steel but with the added benefit of a resulting surface that is suitable for the application of paint and decals.  For this reason, Securr waste receptacles and recycling bins can display company logos, decorative designs, or advertisements.

Cart Garage Keeps Receptacles in Place

The Securr Cart Garage is a simple solution to the storage of waste receptacles.  These enclosures will keep trash containers in a single set spot.  In this fashion, they will be less likely targets for vandalism or spillage that can occur when waste containers get knocked over.  They will thus help to keep our cities cleaner and make for a healthier urban environment.

Securr makes a line of products that are designed to animal proof waste containers.  The Cart Garage aids in this effort by providing a barrier to access of the containers themselves.  Housing containers in one spot localizes waste and provides fewer points of access to unauthorized intrusion.  Animals and mischief makes have only a single point to use for contact and counter measures can be concentrated on this point.

Securr will continue to expand its product line as new issues arise in the field of waste management.  It will also continue to develop new sorts of recycling bins to promote goals of sustainability.