Securr Gets an “A+” for Their Superior Line of School Recycling Bins, Containers and Campus Trash Receptacles

School Recycling Bins, Containers and Campus Trash Receptacles

Is your school in need of waste receptacles for the cafeteria, sports fields, library or other common area? Did you know that your school trash cans and recycle bins not only keep your campus clean and safe, but also reflect your school spirit or even promote upcoming events? Securr, a leader in the design and manufacture of waste receptacles, has an entire line of trash cans and recycle bins that have been created to use specifically in schools. We sat down with Steve Thompson, Director of Marketing and Sales at Securr, to learn more about this versatile line of bins.

Q:  Hi Steve! We understand that Securr has a line of trash cans designed specifically for schools. What are the different ways the School Recycling and Trash Receptacles can be used around campus? 

 A:  Most Securr products, especially the products designed for schools, have graphic options available. One unique method is to use advertising panels that are easily interchangeable. The ad panels can tell students about upcoming events and activities as well as other messaging or branding they see appropriate.

Q:  How can the School Recycling and Trash Receptacles be customized to reflect the unique character of the school? 

 A:  We have many varied graphic options available including laser cut images, vinyl images and digital imaging. School logos and colors can be proudly displayed!

Q:  Steve, many schools today have to make their funding stretch as far as possible. How can schools save money when they buy their trash receptacles from Securr? 

 A:  Our products are made from durable, corrosion resistant steel with a life span of many years. Typically, even with the normal wear, tear and abuse that happens on a school campus, the containers last a long time and replacement is few and far between.

Q:  How can a school get a quote for their trash receptacle needs?

 A:  Most school officials use e-commerce and shop on the Internet just like everyone else. Just go to and everything you need is right there. We love working with schools of all levels!

Q:  Since many schools are teaching kids about sustainability and are endeavoring to make their facilities more “green,” how can schools achieve this goal through the use of Securr recycling and trash receptacles? 

 A:  We use a minimum of 25% recycled steel in everything we manufacture. Also, we make the best recycle bins on the market!

If you’d like to learn more about Securr’s School Recycling Bins, Containers and Campus Trash Cans or get a quote for your school’s waste receptacles, visit, call 1-888-671-7066 or email Their representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, and can help you determine the perfect receptacles to fit your school’s needs and budget. When you shop with Securr, not only will you be buying a superior product at the best price, you’ll be buying receptacles that are proudly made in the U.S.A. at the Securr state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Southern California.

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