Securr Homeland Security Trash Can for Airports and Malls

Potential Threat Produces Firm’s Response

Securr is the company that people have come to expect solutions from when it comes to providing answers to vexing problems connected to the storage of wastes and recycling materials.  Securr has recently addressed the issue of security requirements for receptacles that are located in high traffic public places.  Specifically, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has called for safety compliant receptacles in such places as transit stations for commuter rail lines.  These places are considered high value targets for possible terrorist incidents.

The waste receptacles in these places present particularly vulnerable points in terms of security.  Few people take notice of what people are placing in trash cans at these sites, and large numbers of people will be putting items in trash cans at these points.  It is common for people to purchase food and refreshments while waiting for their train to arrive.  In addition, there are generally prohibitions that forbid passengers from taking such items with them when they board these trains.  Trash cans are therefore necessary for them to be able to get rid of wrappers, cups, and uneaten food and drink.  Unfortunately, the waste receptacle offers a uniquely opportune site for planting a bomb, incendiary device or other threatening implement.

The DHS has issued a directive that requires trash cans be removed from commuter rail stations and other highly trafficked public transit points unless the receptacles are made with transparent materials or bomb resistant construction.  Securr has responded by creating just such a clear sided receptacle.

Securr Solution Helps Keep Stations Safe

Securr now makes a number of receptacles in its Guardian and Sentinel Series which are DHS compliant because the side panels are made of clear material.  They employ Makloron polycarbonate panels.  Makloron has been found to be 30 ties more impact resistant than acrylic.  It also has received a U.L. rating of 94 for flammability which means they are extremely difficult to ignite.

The most popular model that uses these panels does so with component parts that have a thickness of .236 inch.  A less costly version uses panels with a thickness of .093.  In either case, the component parts are replaceable.  This is a cost saving feature found in all Securr products.  Damaged parts can easily be removed and replaced.  There is no need to replace the entire unit.

Several models and sizes are available that have these clear panels.  The Guardian Series has a rounded appearance and is available in 35 and 55 gallon sizes.  The Sentinel Series has a squared off design and a capacity of 45 gallons.  All of these models can be purchased with outdoor trash top, outdoor recycling top, indoor trash top, or indoor recycling top.

The frames for these units are constructed using galvanealed steel.  This manufacturing process produces the same sort of corrosion resistance properties as galvanized metal, but with the added advantage of leaving a surface that readily receives paint or decals.  Securr can thus custom finish cans with company logos, ads or decorative elements.


If your city of community has questions about Homeland Security Approved trash cans and recepticals,  contact Securr Trash Cans at 888-671-7066 to discuss the approved Guardian Series Trash cans or other products approved by DHS

DHS trash cans offered by Securr Manufacturing.