Securr Homeland Security Trash Can for Depots and Train Stations

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security line offered by Securr is a revolution on the market in terms of qualitative trash containers. They cover a long-existent gap on the market and meet all customers’ needs. The Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans are made of steel inhibits that are ultra-resistant against corrosion and work well in different environmental conditions.

Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans Features

What is more, they cannot be destroyed by the slated sidewalk either, this being a constant issue in areas with colder climates. You are offered a special galvanizing spray which is aimed to offer extra protection against freeze and very low temperatures. On the other hand, they cope well with high temperatures too. The containers features UV coat and will remain in perfect shape for many years in extremely hot regions. Also, in case of misusage or if any part of the container is destroyed it can be easily replaced with a new one. Most Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans can be bought separately, and if something is broken you will not have to change the entire container, which is a very beneficial feature.

Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans Models

In addition, the DHS line has several models available, each one having different features. The most popular and the strongest at the same time is the thickest one that measures 236 and is very durable, being made of Makloron polycarbonate. This is a special material which is 30 times stronger than acrylic, has a 94 UL rate for flammability and unique UV qualities. Of course, there are thinner models as well. They are just as qualitative only less strong and have more accessible prices. There is something for everyone and you are free to choose the model that best matches your needs.

The Guardian Series from Securr

Another very popular model is the Guardian Series which has a round shape and comes in 35 and 55 gallon sizes. It is very versatile and can be ordered with an outdoor or indoor recycling top, an outdoor trash, an indoor trash top. Also, this line offered by Securr is one of the most durable and resistant, and it will not get affected by corrosion being one of the strongest products included in the line. So far it has been successfully used in bus stations, airports, commuter rail systems, subway systems, cruise ship terminals, government building as well as stadiums and large arenas.

Likewise, they are very safe too. The content can be taken out from the side part; thus, all possible injuries are prevented. Also, one of its main benefits is that the interior of the container can be seen since it is made out of polycarbonate panels.

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