Securr Homeland Security Trash Can Keep Americans Safe

HS55OW-CS Trash Receptacles in use at Long Island Railroad

Company Committed to Safe Disposal

The Securr Corporation has long been a leader in developing containers designed to hold materials of all sorts for safe disposal.  The Homeland Security Department has recognized the quality of construction of the Securr product line by endorsing their use.  Waste containers are recognized as a potential source for security problems in public settings.

Few people will take notice of somebody depositing something in a trash can.  This makes them a potential deposit point for explosives and other dangerous substances.  That threat is much diminished by the clear surface cans that Securr has developed for use in places such as public transportation facilities.

These receptacles are built using a form of galvanealed steel.  This special form of fabrication allows for tremendous strength along with an ability to receive a powder coated finish.  Such a surface readily adapts to decals and other forms of ornamentation.  The Securr Corporation is able to paint items onto a surface and laser cut logos and images onto surfaces on request.  Custom orders are welcome.  Waste management experts are available to assist in all disposal needs.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak to a qualified professional.

The sturdy nature of Securr products allows them to function in harsh environments.  Their outdoor containers are able to withstand fierce storms and heavy snowfall.  They will not erode under harsh conditions.  The galvanealed steel used in fashioning the frames helps to ensure this.  They are highly resistant to corrosion under all circumstances.

Product Line Expands

The Securr product line features models for general use as well as specific needs.  There are special needs receptacles designed to safely store medical wastes as well as receptacles designed to thwart attempts by animals who want to get at the food waste inside.

There are challenges to meet in making a trash can survivable in a harsh climate where there is significant snowfall.  Such locations may deploy significant amounts of salt on the road to help melt the snow.  The salt laden slush that results can quickly corrode an ordinary can.  Securr cans with their galvanealed steel construction are able to resists corrosion and remain in service for many years.

The clear sided cans that Securr designed for use in high traffic areas where there is some danger of something being planted in the trash contain clear panels made of Makloran polycarbonate.  This makes them not only transparent, but also incredibly strong.  This form of polycarbonate has thirty times the impact strength of ordinary acrylics.  The panels come in two gauges with the thicker model giving the greatest strength.

There is an UL rating of 94 in regards to flammability.  The cans come in 2 sizes, 35 gallons and 55 gallons.

There are several styles of tops which are featured in this model.  They are available with outdoor trash top, indoor trash top, outdoor recycling top, and indoor recycling top.  The Guardian Series has a rounded shape.  It is attractive enough in appearance to be suitable for a professional office.


If your city of community has questions about Homeland Security Approved trash cans and recepticals,  contact Securr Trash Cans at 888-671-7066 to discuss the approved Guardian Series Trash cans or other products approved DHS items offered by Securr Manufacturing.