Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

New Security Concerns Call for New Containers

Securr is a company that people have come to trust in providing trash cans and recycling bins of proven worth.  The company takes pride in coming up with innovative solutions to whatever new problems arise in the area of the safe storage of materials destined for disposal or recycling.  To that end, Securr has added a new model to its Guardian series of waste receptacles, the HS351R-CS093.  This is a clear sided receptacle with an indoor top.  This model has a 35 gallon storage capacity.  It is both Homeland Security and ADA compliant.

Securr recognized the need to provide a special solution to waste receptacles that are sited in high traffic public transportation centers.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had issued a directive requiring protective measures be implemented by passenger rail operators.  Securr met the challenge by creating user and maintenance friendly Homeland Security compliant trash and recycling receptacles.  A DHS press release specifically stated, “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb resistant containers.”

The Securr Guardian Series clear sided receptacles are the most durable and corrosion resistant products of this sort currently available on the market.  They are ideal for use in the following spots.

Commuter Rail Systems
Subway Systems
Bus Stations

Cruise Ship Terminals
Stadiums and Arenas
Government Buildings

These models employ a unique swing out bag design and are the only sort of this type that is emptied from the side.  This helps prevent costly back injuries that models which unload through the top can produce.

Ads on Trash Cans Can Produce Revenues

Since Securr designs and manufactures all its products at its production facilities in Ontario, CA, it is possible for them to customize every order.  In addition, its products are made using galvanealed steel.  This industrial process produces the same sort of corrosion resistant qualities as galvanized metal, but it leaves a surface that readily accepts paint and decals.  This means that advertisements may be placed on the panels of its containers.

There is a new age in advertizing that has been referred to as “out of home advertising.”  This pertains to ad placement in locales not normally considered.  Waste receptacles are just such a point.  They are becoming a popular medium for low cost advertizing.

Since Securr waste receptacles are durable and attractive, they are an excellent choice for ad placement.  Trash cans frequently are placed in high traffic locales.  An ad placed on them will therefore get lots of notice while at the same time the cans continue to perform their vital function of storing unwanted trash.

To be most effective, the ad should be of the proper size.  Too small of an ad will fail to receive notice while one that is overly large may appear offensive or intrusive.  Care should also be taken that the waste receptacle is properly maintained.  A trash can that is overflowing with waste will defeat the positive image that the ad is trying to project for whatever item is being promoted.