Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans for Busy City Centers

Securr is a company that has long been recognized as a leader in solving problems connected to the disposal and recycling of unwanted waste material.  The firm has once again demonstrated its adaptability by responding to the need to make waste receptacles more secure in public spaces where they might unwittingly serve as attack points in terrorist incidents.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a directive that calls for protective measures to be taken in connection with passenger rail operations.  Securr stepped up to the challenge and designed clear sided receptacles meant to thwart use in connection to terrorist attack.

Specifically, a DHS press memorandums has stated, “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb resistant containers.”  A moment’s reflection reveals the nature of the problem.  In high traffic, public spaces such as airport terminals, and bus and rail stations, no one pays much attention to what people put in trash cans.  At the same time, there is a great need for such waste receptacles to be available in these places.  People often purchase food and beverages while waiting for their flight, train, or bus to arrive.  They are often forbidden from bringing such items aboard with them, and so need a place to dispose of them.  Unfortunately, these containers also make ideal spots in which to plant a bomb or incendiary device.

Guardian Series a Response to Urgent Need

The Securr Guardian Series was developed to meet the need for waste receptacles to be used in high traffic, public transportation centers.  It meets the requirements set forth by DHS directives in this regard.  These receptacles are the most durable and corrosion resistant products of their sort to be found on the market today.  The following are examples of places where such units come into play.

  • Commuter Rail Systems
  • Subway Systems
  • Airports
  • Bus Stations
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Government Buildings

Clear sided receptacles in these areas are warranted.  They allow the content of containers to be easily seen.

Quality Materials and Construction Make for Long Useful Life

The HS35OW-CS is clear sided and Homeland Security and ADA compliant.  It is a top loading system with a capacity of 35 gallons.  The unit is emptied however through a side door system that eliminates the possibility of back injury by straining to lift the contents out through the top.  Instead the bags swing out from the side in an easy to empty fashion.

The units can be ordered in a variety of colors including green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.

The frames for Securr containers are made from galvanealed steel which has the same corrosion resistant properties as galvanized metal, but it has the advantage of being able to accept a powder finish.  This allows the surface to be painted and for decals to be placed upon it.  Securr is able to place company logos and other types of ornamentation on the surface.