Securr Homeland Security Trash Cans Keep Travelers Safe

The Department of Homeland Security has required people to purchase a specific waste receptacle and it is only offered by Securr. When it comes to the quality and durability, this is surely worth the money. The frames are definitely sturdy and are made of galvanized steel, preventing any corrosion or the like. A corrosion resistant bin means that all forms of rust and other similar damages are prevented in different environmental conditions. To add more protection for the bins during the winter or colder climates, people can opt to add cold spray galvanizing process. The features of the Securr Homeland Security trash cans do not stop there, the cans actually offer more.

Sturdy exteriors need better hinges, and it’s a good thing that the hinges of this Securr bin is made up of stainless steel, finished with high-grade UV resistant powder coat too. People can use this for many years without the need to call repair services and similar things. But in case of misuse or unavoidable damages, there are parts available in Securr, thus, the replacement of the whole thing is no longer needed.

As of the moment, there are two clear-sided panel thicknesses available. One of which is known as the Makloron polycarbonate panels, considered as the most popular option. This is known to have 30 times more impact resistant compared to the simple acrylic. It comes with UV qualities too and a UL 94 rating for flammability. Aside from the Makloron, there is also cheaper and thinner clear panels, which can be easily changed when damaged. People can choose between the Guardian series that can accommodate either 35 or 55 gallons of trash. The Guardian series are round in shape, but if a square shape is needed, then the Sentinel series are highly recommended. It comes in a 45-gallon size.

Without a doubt, both the Securr Guardian and Sentinel series trash cans and the most durable bins out in the market. The Homeland Security has definitely made the right choice for doing business with Securr and its trash cans. Almost all of the products from such name are on top of the list and are highly- sought by people in most places. But why choose these trash cans over other items being offered on the market today? What makes these bins so special?

Most people believe that Securr has reached the top not only because of the quality of the bins alone, but more because of the aesthetic purpose that each bin provides. A bin is not just a simple bin when it’s from Securr. Instead of leaving people in disgust when passing by a trash can, people are actually more comfortable around the Sentinel or Guardian trash cans. This seldom happens, especially when it is about trash, garbage and the like. Sometimes, the simple aesthetic appeal makes everything else better. And this does not require people to spend or add so much on the budget, the prices remain reasonable for the Securr trash cans and waste receptacles, particularly with the Homeland Security trash cans.