Securr Indoor Trash Cans and Recycle Bins

Quality Products from Trusted Maker

Securr is a company that has been heralded as a leader in providing trash cans and recycling bins that are recognized as outstanding in their field.  Securr Indoor trash cans and recycling bins are made in the USA at the company’s production facilities in Ontario, CA.  Since all their products are designed and manufactured at this plant, Securr is able to offer their customers the option of customizing their orders.  They can request to have a company logo painted onto a side panel.  This effort is aided by the fact that galvanealed steel is used in their fabrication.  This industrial process will give components the same sort of ability to resist corrosion that comes from galvanized steel, but with the added advantage of being able to take a powder coat finish.  This means that paint and vinyl decals will readily adhere to the surface.  This then allows for the placement of ads upon panels or for other sorts of ornamentation.  Emblems can also be laser cut into surfaces.

Securr makes a number of indoor trash cans and recycling bins.  Models come in various sizes and shapes.  The Guardian Series has a rounded appearance, and they come in 35 and 55 gallon sizes.  The Sentinel Series has a squared shape and comes in 36 and 64 gallon sizes.  Double 36 gallon configurations may also be ordered.

Affordability Achieved through Durability and Design

Securr trash cans and recycling bins employ interchangeable parts.  If a component is damaged, it can easily be replaced.  There is no need to replace the entire item.  This adds up to savings particularly for those who purchase large numbers of units.  The quality of the construction and of the materials used means that Securr products are durable and will be capable of withstanding many years of hard use in harsh environments.  Side panels in particular are easy to replace.  They simply slide out through channels in the frame.  They can easily be exchanged if damaged or if a new design element is desired on the unit.

Two standard top options are available on Securr indoor trash cans.  Custom openings are available on request.  The units are designed not to rust under any sort of environmental circumstances.  Securr indoor trash cans and recycling bins differ from their competitors in the method of emptying these receptacles.  Other manufacturers employ a top unloading system.  This can result in serious back injury.  Such an unhappy event becomes all the more likely with larger receptacles that may contain a heavy amount of trash or recyclables to lift.  Securr avoids this potential problem by making receptacles that empty from the side.

Stainless steel door hinges are standard on Securr indoor trash cans and recycling bins.  Bolt holes are located on the inside.  There is a choice of several standard colors in the receptacles.  All of them come with a UV resistant textured powder coat.  Colors that may be requested include fir green, olive green, forest brown, sky blue, white, and black.