Securr Locking Trash Cans and Medical Waste Containers

Making Contents Safe Often a Concern

Securr is a company that has long taken the lead in coming up with innovative solutions to problems involving storage of unwanted waste. It has also actively promoted recycling efforts. Securr has long recognized the need for having trash containers and recycling bins that are lockable. Such containers thwart vandalism. In many cases, there is also a need to protect materials from theft. In the case of medical wastes such as used needles and pharmaceuticals, the problem may also be one of liability. In other words, there may be multiple reasons for having lockable systems for waste receptacles and recycling bins.

Securr has an intensive product line that features a number of trash cans and recycling bins with lockable options. It is possible to set up a system that contains multiple lockable containers that all open with the same key, Securr also makes products that are animal proof for use in locations where there is wildlife to contend with.

Find the Product that is Exactly Right for You

Securr makes all of its products at its manufacturing plant in Ontario, CA. This means there is never a middle man which adds to production costs. The savings are passed on to customers. This set up also allows Securr to easily fill custom orders. Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with a waste management specialist. They will be happy to help you resolve all your waste management problems.

Securr makes lockable bins in a variety of sizes and styles. The most secure sorts are used for the disposal of pharmaceutical wastes. These employ a dual key system to give the highest level of security possible. Another sort of medical kiosk is designed to accommodate sharps. This term essentially applies to used needles. Care must be taken in the disposal of these. A puncture wound from such a device can result in the transmission of a deadly disease.

Products Built to Last and Look Good

Securr containers have frames constructed from galvanealed steel. This high strength material has the same corrosion resistant properties as galvanized steel, but it has the added advantage of a surface that is ideal for the application of paint or decals. Here is where Securr’s custom work comes into play. Securr is able to paint company logos or ornamental designs onto surfaces. Another option is to have emblems laser cut into surfaces.

Trash cans and recycling bins are increasingly being used as advertising mechanisms. This can provide a revenue stream for the receptacle’s owner. It can also be used as a promotional device if the company puts its own logo on the can. There are a variety of colors that can be selected for Securr containers such as forest green, olive green, sky blue,

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Securr products are made of high quality materials manufactured to the highest standards. This makes them both durable and attractive to look at. Parts are interchangeable so if a panel or other component becomes cracked or damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced.