Securr Logo Trash Cans Make Good Design Sense

Company Promotion Aided by Placement

Securr is the firm to turn to whenever making selections for trash cans and recycling bins.  The company is understood to be a leader in the field of waste management and recycling. Because it manufacturers all of its products at its own design and fabrication facilities in Ontario, CA, Securr is able to offer clients a unique in house ability to fabricate trash cans and recycling bins to exact specifications.

Securr can customize an order.  It will be possible when placing an order with them to request that a firm’s logo be placed on a panel found on the receptacle.  Usually, logos are laser cut into the metal side panel of the container.  A backing panel in an offsetting color will help highlight the logo.  Another route to take in this regard will be to affix the logo to a high grade vinyl decal.  Such decals can be fashioned in any color, shape, and size desired.  In the event that such items are damaged, they can easily be replaced.

Outlining Some of the Product Line

Securr manufactures a wide range of waste receptacles and recycling bins that come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors.  There Guardian Series for instance can be purchased in several sizes and with different top loading styles and finishes.  A laser cut logo may be added to a stainless steel panel with an outdoor top or to a powder coated panel with an indoor top.  The containers may be of 35 or 55 gallon capacity.  Further refinement will be found in the selection process that allows for single color panels or those that are two toned.  Guardian models also come in a 65 gallon capacity.

The Sentinel series has a rectangular design in contrast to the rounded appearance found in Guardian models.  They can also be ordered with outdoor or indoor tops.  Outdoor models will have a roof over the opening with a slotted opening below this which is designed to keep rain from soaking the contents.

The Model HA is a single recycling enclosure with a 40 gallon capacity.  It is ADA compliant and animal resistant.  The HA2-PX is a double combination trash and recycling enclosure which is animal resistant and ADA compliant.  It has an 80 gallon capacity.  The HA2-PY is a double recycling enclosure which is ADA compliant and animal resistant.  It too has an 80 gallon capacity.

A Look at the HS351W-L-SS

The HS351W-L-SS is a Guardian Series waste receptacle with a laser cut image on a stainless steel panel.  It has an indoor top and a 35 or 55 gallon capacity.  It is made from corrosion resistant recycled materials.  The contents are removed from the side instead of the top which prevents costly back injuries.  A durable plastic liner is included with purchases.  The can has a pleasing appearance which may be enhanced with the use of a company logo or other ornamentation placed on side panels.  It may be ordered in different colors.