Securr Logo Trash Cans Make Money for Cash Strapped Cities

Currently, Securr is one of the strongest companies on the market when it comes to purchasing a durable trash container. It is a trustworthy, reputable enterprise which is constantly looking to satisfy the needs of its clients and improve its product line. The new series of qualitative trash cans that are ultra-resistant are named Securr Logo Trash Cans, are available in various shapes and sizes and can be customized accordingly. The great benefit of Securr is that you can customize your recycle bin and advertize a business or promote a product. The logo will be laser cut into the metal side panels that are assigned to the container. Likewise, they can be affixed using vinyl decals. These can take almost any imaginable shape, size or color and are not hard to replace in case they are damaged.

Presenting the Sentinel Series by Securr

The products that usually have attached logos are part of the Sentinel Series and the drawing is done through a laser cut. Most containers of this kind have a 36 gallon capacity, a rigid liner included and are ADA compliant. Likewise, as all other trash containers offered by Securr, the Sentinel series are durable and cannot be easily destroyed by exterior factors. They are resistant to corrosion, they feature on the exterior a special UV powder, and can cope with the most difficult environmental conditions.

The Securr Logo Trash Cans Manufacturing Process

What is more, in case parts of the containers are destroyed, they can be easily replaced. You won’t have to buy a new container if its panels are damaged or. Also, the side panels come in various colors, sizes and styles, including: clear polycarbonate, powder coated-steel, solid stainless steel, stainless steel perforated and custom laser cut designs. And the powder-coated panel can feature a different design or color from the frame and the top. This way it will have a more original look. Furthermore, the containers are very easy to use. The content is removed from the side, not from the top like in the case of bins. This way, costly back injuries are prevented. Likewise, the rigid liner can be removed from the side, which makes it extremely easy to clean.

Finally, the Securr Logo Trash Cans have a nice appearance as well. They are made of qualitative materials that have a pleasant look and are long-lasting at the same time. Also, they have an elegant shape and nice finishing touches that complete perfectly any type of decor. If you’re looking to promote a business and want to know more about the Securr products, make sure to visit the official website for a complete list of trash cans and recycle bins.