Securr Makes Custom Trash Cans for Cities and Municipalities


Securr is one of the most reputable and dependable trash can companies out there. They produce durable waste receptacles and recycle bins suitable for all kinds of environments. Among some of their best sellers are the Sentinel Series, the Guardian Series, and the Logo Trash Cans.

Introducing the Sentinel Series by Securr

The Sentinel Series from Securr is a special type of recycle bin that can fit up to 64 gallons of waste. The receptacles are ADA compliant, resistant to corrosion and are a great choice for public spaces such as natural reserves, parks and other recreational areas. Made from recycled materials that are corrosion resistant, the Sentinel Series from Securr are regarded as some of the sturdiest of the bunch.

They use laser-cut powder panels and the customer is at liberty to choose the best color for the bin. Consequently, these waste receptacles are excellent for advertising too. They fit perfectly in schools, parks, forests, and other public spaces. The great finishes and high-grade materials make the Sentinel Series weather-resistant as well.

If parts of the containers are damaged, they can be easily replaced with new pieces. Ergo, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new container. The side panels are available in numerous styles, colors and sizes, including: powder coated-steel, stainless steel, clear polycarbonate, solid stainless steel and custom laser cut. The powder-coated panels have diverse colors and designs for the top and the frame. Moreover, you can easily use the containers without having to remove the content from the top but from the side.

Introducing the Guardian Series from Securr

The Guardian Series from Securr is a special type of recycle bin that can fit up to 55 gallons of waste. The trash cans are ADA compliant, heavy-duty, and they’re perfect for cities and municipalities. All bins are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and when it comes to picking the color, the customer will have at his disposal a wide palette to choose from. The containers are sturdy, as well as attractive for public spaces as well. All bins have multiple panels available including powder coated colors, solid stainless steel, perforated steel, and custom laser cut.

Unlike traditional bins, the content is removed from the sides for the Securr trash cans. To ensure safety, as well as prevent additional back injuries, the trash cans have a plastic rigid liner included. Cities and municipalities should only make use of resistant waste receptacles to protect the environment. Consequently, it’s important to opt for eye-popping colors because the people should see the bins extremely easily when they walk by.

All Securr Trash Cans have a pleasant design meant to fit perfectly in different types of spaces. Whether we’re talking about city parks, public areas, or schools, good-looking trash cans should keep an area clean and chemical-free above everything else. For the manufacturing process, the company uses qualitative materials that are non- corrosive and extremely durable. Whether you want to promote a business or protect the environment, the recycle bins from Securr can help you do both.